WordPress Releases Reusable Blocks, Drupal Updates Its Readiness Initiatives, & More News

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WordPress is back and starts a new function in the WordPress block editor. The Reusable Blocks feature lets users start building and then save them for later. These reusable blocks can be edited in one place, allowing users to reuse snippets of text across posts and pages, save and reuse complex layouts, and edit things in one place.

In contrast to templates, these blocks are excerpts from globally synchronized content that can be reused and inserted into any page. You can also use the reusable blocks to organize your content. If you are a WordPress user and want to learn how to make a reusable block, read the full article here.

Drupal is updating its readiness initiatives

Drupal is preparing for the new version Drupal 10, which is planned for June 2022. In a recent post, they announced that they are already working on making their platform compatible with PHP 8 and Composer 2.

The open source CMS also announced that it was working on its support for Symfony 5 and 6, and mentioned that they would need more staff to support CKEditor 4 through 5. Special CKEditor 5 meetings take place every second Thursday in # ckeditor5 on Drupal Slack at 3 p.m.: 30 UTC.

On the feedback side, Drupal also needs feedback on its starter kit topic and the prototypes of the jQuery UI components. Read the article here.

Goffy wins the PHP Classes Innovation Award with XOOPS Modulebuilder

Congratulations to Gottfried Gabor (also known as Goffy) for winning the PHP Innovation Award in December 2020 at PHPClasses with XOOPS ModuleBuilder. This is a great win for the XOOPS community and the fourth win under Goffy’s belt.

In addition, XOOPS has released three new test functions: Publisher 1.08 Alpha 3, XOOPS Mycredits 2.0 Beta 1 and Xforms 2.0 Alpha 3.

Most recently, XOOPS published a new corporate theme called “Industry” that uses the Bock ID function. Check it out here.

Join Liferays DEVCON

This year’s Liferay DEVCON is completely virtual. DEVCON 2021 will take place from March 9th to 11th, 2021. This time around, you don’t have to spend any money on travel expenses. In addition, participation is free for everyone.

DEVCON 2021 offers 40 detailed technical sessions over three days with a total of 20 hours of content and workshops. Check the event schedule here and visit the events page for more information here: DEVCON 2021

TYPO3 versions v11.1

It boasts. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and the ability to minimize or resize the navigation bar in the administrator user interface. Users will also find accessibility improvements in line with WAI-ARIA authoring practices.

According to TYPO3, users can now only navigate through the main module menu and the help menu with their keyboard. Another improvement in accessibility is that you can now set an alt tag for a custom backend login picture. To make it easier for users to comply, an alert is raised in the expiration logs when there is no alt tag. “

Thunder CMS shares the knowledge gained

Elsewhere, Thunder CMS, the non-profit platform, has spent its fourth year in the market with some web development and CMS insights.

April 29, 2021