WordPress.com Introduces New Tool for More Easily Moving Posts to Medium

As requests from users about how to move their content from the online publishing platform Medium.com to the WordPress.com site increase, WordPress.com has introduced a new import tool to help you with this. According to Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com, the new tool allows you to import your content to WordPress.com with just a few clicks.

New WordPress.com import tool for medium posts

In January, the online publishing platform Medium laid off 50 of its non-technical employees. The change was initiated as part of a change in the company’s business model and took many people by surprise.

Since Medium comes from a fairly well-funded startup, it was worrying that Medium was still looking for its business model. The uncertainty surrounding medium has led many bloggers to move their content from the publishing platform to other free blogging platforms such as WordPress.com.

To capitalize on the uncertainty surrounding Medium, WordPress.com – an open source service that hosts WordPress blogs and operates separately from WordPress.org – this week announced the launch of a new import tool that does copying all of your medium posts are facilitated to its platform.

The blog hosting company plans to make its new import tool available to self-hosted WordPress sites through Jetpack, its WordPress plugin that will bring you the most powerful WordPress.com features.

“We are pleased to present our new import tool for switching from Medium to WordPress.com today,” wrote Marko Andrijasevic, developer at the confusingly named WordPress.com, in a post in which the new import tool im official WordPress.com blog.

If you don’t want to publish your valuable texts on a platform that is still under construction and looking for a business model, relocating your medium content to WordPress.com can be a good option. WordPress.com seems to be a more stable blogging platform right now, with the platform running nearly 37 million websites according to the latest Managewp.com statistics.

How to move medium posts to WordPress.com

“First visit the middle settings page, scroll down to Export content, and choose Download .zip to start the export process from Medium, ”explains Andrijasevic. “You should receive an email from Medium with an export of your posts in a ZIP archive file.”

Once you have the zip file, go to the import tool on WordPress.com and click Start import in the middle row:

WordPress.com medium importer.

Navigate to the .zip file you downloaded from Medium and upload it to WordPress.com. click Continue once the file has been uploaded.

“The import takes about 15 minutes,” said Andrijasevic. “You will receive a notification from us when the import is complete. All of your Medium content will now appear as posts on your website under the original date of the post along with their original tags.

Posted posts are automatically marked as published on the website, but drafts remain unpublished, added Andrijasevic.

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Image source: WordPress.com.

June 24, 2021