WordPress can now turn blog posts into tweetstorms automatically – TechCrunch

Earlier this year, WordPress.com introduced an easier way to post your Twitter threads, also known as tweetstorms, to your blog with the introduction of the Unroll option for Twitter embeds. Today the company is tackling the downside of tweetstorm posting – it makes it possible to turn your existing WordPress blog post into a tweetstorm with just a few clicks.

The new feature allows you to tweet every word of your post, as well as the associated images and videos, according to the company. These are automatically added to the thread where they belong next to your text.

To use the Tweetstorm feature, a WordPress user first clicks on the Jetpack icon in the top right corner of the page and then connects their Twitter account to their WordPress site, if they have not already done so.

Photo credits: WordPress.com

The option also supports multiple Twitter accounts if you want to post your tweetstorms in multiple places.

Once Twitter is connected, select the account or accounts you want to tweet on, then select the newly added option to share the post as a Twitter thread instead of a single post with a link.

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In the space provided, write an introductory message for your tweetstorm so that Twitter users know what is being discussed in your Twitter thread.

If you then click on the “Publish” button, the blog post is automatically shared as a tweetstorm.

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The feature has also been designed with a few thoughtful details to make the tweetstorm feel more natural, as if it had been posted directly on Twitter.

For starters, WordPress says it pays attention to the formatting of the blog post to determine where to split the tweets. Instead of packing the first tweet with as many words as possible, he places the break at the end of the first sentence, for example. If a paragraph is too long for a single tweet, it will automatically be split into as many tweets as necessary instead of being cut off. A list block is now formatted as a list on Twitter.

To help authors create a blog post that works as a tweetstorm, you can use the social preview feature to choose where the tweets will be split. This allows WordPress users to better align the post with Twitter’s character limit when writing.

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At the end of the published tweetstorm, Twitter followers can click a link to read the post on the WordPress site.

This solves a common complaint on Twitter threads. While posting longer thoughts for attention on social media is useful, it can be difficult to read paragraphs of content directly on Twitter. But as Tweetstroms grew in popularity, tools emerged to solve this problem. The most popular is a Twitter bot called @ThreadReaderApp, which allows users to read a thread in a long format by mentioning the account by name within the thread along with the keyword “unroll”.

However, with the introduction of the new WordPress feature, Twitter users no longer need to turn to third-party utilities – they can simply click the link provided to read the content as a blog post. This, in turn, could help turn Twitter followers into blog subscribers, allowing the WordPress author to increase their overall reach.

WordPress’ plans to roll out the Tweetstorm feature were announced last month as a release in the Jetpack 9.0 version, which will be released in early October.

The feature is now publicly available, the company says.

June 12, 2021