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What will be the best ways to find clients for freelancing?

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What will be the best ways to find clients for freelancing?

What will be the best ways to find clients for freelancing?

About few years back I decided that I would try and have investigated many techniques, and I will go over each here.

#Cold Calling

Picking up a phone and calling a stranger are often very daunting if you haven’t tried it before, but once you pluck up the courage you’ll possibly be greeted with a warm welcome, I’ve found that this is often because often your clients want to talk to you directly instead of via a recruiter, and spend tons of your time trying to ignore recruiters also!


  1. Have an honest check out their company website and check out and use a recent blog article of theirs to start out the conversation.

#Warm calling

Possibly the most difficult part of cold calling can be trying to get to speak to the correct person, and when you do, you will need to explain yourself each time.

Warm calling can overcome both.

Using a combination of website research to seek out the acceptable person and contacting them via linked in you will arrange a call.


I have had much success using linked in. There are a few things that can really help though.

It uses a mixture of Website-LinkedIn-CV which has all bases covered.

  1. Create a website and link to that from your linked in profile.
  2. Create a good-looking CV that folks can download directly from your website.
  3. LinkedIn profile must be updated to get as many recommendations as possible.
  4. Add relevant people daily, try 5-10 people per day, using a note to introduce yourself on the introduction.

#Email List

Creating an email list are often the simplest investment that you simply can make in your business, it is, however, difficult and time-consuming to feature targeted people to your list.

The easiest thanks to collect email addresses is to make relevant blog posts and make a freebie (a piece of irresistible additional content) that is hidden behind an email wall.

  • Once you have got your list, you will email them hebdomadally with more valuable content and infrequently ‘remind’ them of your services. You will be favourite on their list if you will create a know, like, and trust relationship with these people.

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