What is the simplest strategy to realize real and active followers?

content is king

In my opinion, here are three key things to keep in mind:

1 – Content is king. Have something to say and say it beautifully. With your writing (always proofread!!!!), with photos, with diagrams, with videos. But confirm that what you’re posting has value – i.e., brings something new and/or original to the discussion.

2 – Share and share alike. If you see or read something on someone else’s site that’s exciting and relevant to your voice, share it! Always give credit, always mention the opposite person/site’s name, and always include the link. Become known as being a source of cool stuff, even if it is not your own. Talk about and promote other people, and eventually karma will kick in: they will talk about and promote you.

3 -Be authentic. This is about YOU, and bear in mind that whatever you put out there will be out there…. forever. So, speak YOUR mind, do not just parrot the current opinion. Taken together, all your social media posts and content will make up a picture of who you are as a person – is it a true and factual picture?

August 20, 2020