What are the easy RPA tools?


When assessing business needs for RPA to evaluate which of the solutions are most appropriate, I look at the “Business Fit.” By this I mean how technology savvy is the business?

Some RPA solution are almost programming languages and fit within the IT function. These tools are often the most powerful in what they are capable of, but the downside is the higher technical skills needed. This can sometimes include design skills as the tools follow ‘object-oriented design’ which takes some time to get your head around if you have never programmed in C++ or C#.

Most solutions fit in a friendly middle-ground often referred to as business-technologies. They may need IT help to install the infrastructure but the actual development fits with technically savvy businesspeople. Depending on your definition of ‘easy,’ these are straight forward to use. Some are easier to learn than others but UiPath and Automation Anywhere fit in the category.

The really-really easy solutions are those designed for non-technical users, require only the most basic of IT understanding (let’s face it, most of the known universe uses windows, that’s the level) and they can still create successful automations in their workplace.

The tools in this category are UiPath Studio X and Work fusion. If you know how to tie shoelaces, then you will be fine. They do not provide the finesse, speed and power offered by the first category I described, but they make up for it in nice easy to create automations that even your young kid could do.

Try out UiPath Studio X and Orchestrator which is easier to understand and implement automation for your organisation

September 3, 2020