UiPath extends its online RPA academy and certification

UiPath, the leading provider of Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA), introduced an expansion of its RPA certification and academy program, as well as a more comprehensive training platform to prepare employees for the automation knowledge and tools required to keep employees ready to accelerate and excel in future work.

Industry research shows that the demand for professionals with such skills is growing rapidly. Freelancing website Upwork found in its 2019 index of the hottest skills in the U.S. freelance job market, robotic process automation (RPA) skills ranked third among the fastest growing skills. In its 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, LinkedIn ranked second in the list of 15 Emerging Jobs in the United States with an annual growth rate of 40%.

Despite the growing need for retraining and professional training, educational opportunities and training are not readily available or accessible to most people. UiPath is committed to investing in the workforce of the future through its UiPath Academy, which is focused on training and retraining for the jobs of today and the jobs of tomorrow. UiPath created its academy to empower employees to master the basics of RPA. Knowledge and practical experience are gathered in order to successfully control the future of work.

Tom Clancy, UiPath Learning SVP, said, “AI and automation will create more than 100 million new jobs in the near future. Everyone should be able to do this and get into these jobs. It’s also a great way to stay employable at a time when remote working is the new norm. We built UiPath on the promise to democratize RPA and develop a global community of practitioners. These improvements to our training and certification programs support our commitment to empower people with the automation skills in demand to thrive in emerging careers and remain competitive in their current roles. “

The first of its kind, free online RPA training and certification curriculum, offers attendees the opportunity to improve or re-qualify their skills for the Automation First era. Academy training courses prepare professionals for the roles required to build an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) within an organization, including RPA developers, solution architects, infrastructure engineers, implementation managers, and business analysts. More than 550,000 people around the world have signed up for the UiPath Academy since it was launched in 2017.

Expansion of the UiPath certification program

UiPath has expanded its industry-leading online RPA certification program that has certified 40,000 RPA Advanced Developers worldwide. The exams, which are completely safe and available to professionals and students to be supervised, take online or at any of the 6,000 personal testing locations around the world, are offered at two levels of certification:

  • RPA Staff: Considers the basic certification level for all RPA job roles. The exam tests problem solving and process development skills, as well as skills in the UiPath platform (including Studio, Orchestrator, and Robots).
  • RPA Advanced Developer: Recommended as the second certification level after RPA Associate for persons in technical functions (e.g. RPA Developer, Solution Architect) with more than six months of RPA experience on site. The exam tests people’s ability to design and develop complex RPA solutions in corporate environments.

Individuals who pass the exams are considered UiPath certified professionals. UiPath certification is now the industry standard for RPA education. In addition to the UiPath training

The academy, nearly 500 universities and colleges under the UiPath Academic Alliance program also train their students in RPA, many of which are ready to be certified.

Advanced RPA training platform

UiPath offers the only free online RPA training platform that offers hands-on exercises to aid learning. In addition to an improved user experience, new learning paths are now available for all Center of Excellence roles and for both certification levels.

Unmatched commitment to the democratization of RPA

UiPath gives developers, students, and small teams free, unrestricted access to the Community Edition of the UiPath platform. With its global community of hundreds of thousands of RPA developers and professionals, UiPath is committed to training, educating, and retraining all generations of workers to ensure they can fully participate in the Automation First era.

The company is also launching a “Reboot Your Skills Program,” a four-week learning sprint for professionals who want to develop in-demand RPA skills. This program includes a bespoke UiPath Academy curriculum with free on-demand courses, a community of students to collaborate with, and office hours with RPA experts in multiple time zones. To learn more and to pre-register for this program, please visit: https://www.uipath.com/rpa/academy/reboot-your-skills.

April 13, 2021