Top Websites to Find Freelance Software Developers

It’s not surprising to see that finding a proper and qualified professional can be a daunting task, especially if you’re looking to hire in the engineering and development scene. This is where freelancers come in to offset some of the costs of implementing upcoming projects while meeting your company’s needs.

The problem is – there are so many websites and freelance software developers out there, but little information that will guide you to the best places to find the best developers. Since this is a technical task, you can’t just hire everyone who gets in your way. It is important to find the most qualified person for the job. We are going to describe 11 websites that you can use for this purpose.

Top valley

This platform has a comprehensive freelance review process that includes a personality and language test, test projects, technical reviews with Toptal engineers, and binding agreements between the freelancer and the platform to achieve perfect track records in working with various clients.

While this is a very strict process for a freelancer, clients don’t have to check out every freelance software developer they can find on the website. All you need to do is inform the platform about the type of technology you are using and the number of developers you need. You do the rest to find the best match. It’s great, but expensive – although it’s worth it.


This is a marketplace for services that tries to connect a service provider (the freelance developer) with a buyer (the customer). The main benefit is that your labor costs go down significantly; as the developers are mostly in a different geographic location (they are available in 234 countries).

If you’re a customer, just post a free job and wait for offers from freelance developers, including their portfolios, for you to review. You can also access collaboration tools to communicate with the developer throughout the project.


Elance is quite old in the freelance scene and was one of the first platforms for freelance professionals to market their services. This is helpful for both freelance developers and businesses as the company publishes its assignment and the system makes recommendations to the company, facilitating contact and allowing the customer to hire the developer. The problem is that Elance may no longer be available in the future, so you can switch to its associated platform, Upwork.


Find freelance software developers

This is a new name that Elance-oDesk has adopted since their merger. Their service is meant to walk you through the hiring process and works well when you want freelance developers to handle a short term project that takes a few days or weeks. All you have to do is publish the work you want and wait for freelancers to submit their bids. You can then interview them and choose the one who best suits your job.


This platform is quite similar to the others we mentioned, and they also add a reputation system that increases the client’s chances of finding the best person for the job. Plus, after paying a fee, you have the option to add upgrades that add some extras to your job. For example, mark the project as featured in the project or let the platform review your candidates before hiring them.


Help freelancers establish their credibility with the guru

This platform is similar to Elance and Upwork in that you start your freelance search by posting on the website. However, you get additional functionality by searching for specific freelancers based on their rates, feedback, location, categories, specialties, and much more.

You also get a project workspace called the Work Room, where you can share and view project milestones or deadlines. Payment goes to the freelancer only after your work has been approved.

Almost all freelance websites are geared towards short term projects, but this is geared towards long term work and they also aim to offer tracking and time management software, Time Doctor. They follow the usual model for freelance workers and offer their Time Doctor service with discounts if you need many developers for a project due to the volume of work.


Like Upwork, this platform is taking the market and reducing it to smaller parts. The freelancer creates their profile and an introductory video explaining what they are doing. Companies then search for freelancers based on keywords. This makes the platform suitable for smaller jobs, but not for larger tasks.



This platform offers customers three methods to find freelancers. The first, Hourlies, is a set offer they can review candidates for. The second is to search the directory to find and contact freelancers and the third is to post a job and wait for a response from freelancers.


This is a reputable place to find freelance developers too, and the listings are always sorted by date. Finding freelancers is easy, especially if you want to narrow down the number of freelancers in a specific location. The problem is the lack of a verification system.


Sleep is another website that offers a unique opportunity to connect companies, startups and young freelancers. Among college teens, you can find freelance developers who will build solid foundations for their careers. At Dormzi, the freelancers create their own digital shop where they feel comfortable. It can include graphic design, illustration, programming, art, buying / selling, and various other things.

Most importantly, they can connect and chat with individuals, startups and companies who are looking for relevant services. This way you can find a lot of freelancers who are eager to connect with and work with your company or startup.


Looking at this list, when looking for a software developer, be sure to pick the platform you prefer and one that fits your job description, as each platform has advantages and disadvantages.

May 26, 2021