Top Freelance Jobs for Artificial Intelligence Professionals

These are the top jobs for artificial intelligence freelancers

Artificial intelligence is gaining a lot of attention lately. Industries are implementing more AI solutions and tools because they increase efficiency, reduce manual labor, and help companies generate better revenues at the same time. In areas such as medical diagnosis, language translation, accounting, AI has outperformed humans in every way.

In addition to generating profits for businesses, AI has created numerous employment opportunities. Recent studies show that both technical and non-technical people are striving for a career in artificial intelligence that also meets the growing demands of qualified AI experts in the technology industry.

This article has a list of the best freelance jobs for those pursuing an AI career.

• R algorithm developer: This job profile requires the candidate to perform machine learning such as classification and regression. R programming offers various packages and functions for developing neural AI networks. According to Toptal, the estimated duration for this position offered by a marketing and advertising company is 1-2 weeks on a part-time basis.

• R mentor: This option is offered by a global technology company and high-end partner. The company is looking for a mentor to work on R programming and help others solve problems with R. The estimated duration for this position is 2-4 weeks with remote workplaces.

• Model interpretability machine learning: According to Upwork, the candidate for this position must build a machine learning model on a database provided by the recruiting company. The company will allow the selected candidate to choose from a list of platforms according to their capabilities, on the basis of which the application will be developed. The estimated duration for this job is less than a month and allows remote working.

• AI project manager: This job includes working on the implementation of AI and machine learning on e-learning platforms. The company is looking for a project manager to support and monitor a team of AI. The estimated duration for this role is 3 to 6 months for 30 hours per week.

• Software developer to develop a research and analysis tool for Amazon: The company is looking for a full-stack software developer / web developer to develop a research and analysis tool for Amazon. The tool would be cloud-based with front and back-end development and CRM management. The duration of this position will be discussed after the candidate is hired.

• Data Scientist: This job requires an AI expert with over 4 years of experience in the field to develop a recommendation engine. The candidate must be familiar with various programming languages ​​such as R, Python, and Spark, and should also be proficient in natural language processing. Excellent communication and collaboration skills are a bonus to getting hired. The duration of this activity is 3 to 6 months with less than 30 working hours per week.

• Topic modeling (NLP) in Python: For this position, the candidate must perform topic modeling of assessments using LDA or other methods most suitable for the position. The candidate must use the trial and error method until an optimal number of the most diverse topics is reached. The candidate must also use AI algorithms to classify new assessments into topics. The company is looking for someone with moderate experience in this field and offers remote workplaces.

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July 10, 2021