Top Earning Freelance Jobs in 2021 You Need To Know About

The only good thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is the introduction of flexibility into the traditional workspace. The pandemic forced small and large businesses to work remotely, which also led to freelance jobs. According to a recent report, freelance income rose 22% in 2020 compared to 2019. Another study found that freelancers like their work more than full-time workers. With that in mind, here are the best-paying freelance jobs in 2021 for anyone looking for well-paying alternatives to traditional employment.

Software development and programming

If you are a seasoned programmer, you can expect to make around $ 35 an hour as a freelance programmer. In the midst of the pandemic, all companies have had to switch to a digital framework, making programming one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. If you are knowledgeable about SQL, C +, Java, JavaScript, Python coding, etc., you should consider doing freelance.

App developer

App developers are in demand for the same reason as programmers and programmers. All digital businesses need to optimize their website for mobile devices, including mobile application creation and development. You can expect to make around $ 80 an hour as a mobile app developer.

Project manager

When companies move to remote work, they need skilled project managers who can oversee the transition phase and ensure smooth progress and training for every single remote worker. The move away from traditional office space is opening up new employment opportunities for freelance project managers. You can expect to make around $ 26 an hour.

Video marketing

You would think video marketing would fall under digital marketing, but no, it’s a niche category that is viewed as a separate skill. Video marketing is actually quite complicated as it involves optimizing the video for different platforms. The requirements for anyone can be very difficult to consider. The marketer also needs to optimize it for the search engine as this can help businesses gain visibility and gain a competitive advantage. Videographers and marketers make around $ 30 an hour.

Administrative assistants

Administrative assistants are responsible for keeping all systems running smoothly. Since everything goes online, your work becomes even more complex, but also essential for companies. thus the high demand and high payment. As an administrative assistant, you will have to take care of daily business activities, manage customers and social media, among other things. You can expect to make around $ 21 an hour.


The paradigm shift in corporate culture around the world has shocked many as to where to turn. A significant number of people lost their jobs and were stranded as to what to do next. Online career and business consultants have helped many find stable and sustainable sources of income through freelance work.

Hourly earnings vary by subject area, but IT professionals can make up to $ 75 an hour or even more. The demand for online consultants also increased, making them one of the highest-earning freelance jobs in 2021.

Final grade

All figures mentioned here are preliminary figures for professionals working in the industry. The actual hourly wage depends on the number of customers and the amount you are charging your customers. If you’re looking to get started as a freelancer, you’re starting in the right direction. These are some of the top earning freelance jobs in 2021 that can make a significant amount of money even during a pandemic.

April 1, 2021