Top 10 Open Source RPA Tools to Improve ROI of Enterprise Projects

by Vivek Kumar
January 28, 2021

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a rapidly developing business software. It helps organizations automate tedious, repetitive, and minor tasks. With RPA dramatically improving IT processes and efficiency, many companies are now turning to the open source RPA ecosystem as it provides transparency and lowers license fees. Open source RPA tools are publicly available and are administered by organizations with a specific purpose. With these tools, companies can get the most out of their automation projects. While the open source RPA ecosystem offers businesses numerous benefits and best practices, it is currently still in its infancy.

Analytics Insight has listed the 10 best open source RPA tools here that can help improve the ROI of your business projects.


TagUI is an open-source, cross-platform RPA command line tool that enables users to easily automate their desktop web, mouse, and keyboard actions. This tool uses the term and related concept of flows to represent the execution of an automated computerized process that can be performed on demand or on a fixed schedule. TagUI also enables R and Python integration for Windows, MacOS and Linux and is available under the Apache 2.0 license, which makes it free for commercial and non-commercial use.

Open RPA

Open RPA is an easy to use open source RPA tool. It has a drag-and-drop interface like the popular RPA tool providers. The same Windows software is used – Windows Workflow Foundation. Users can combine with OpenFlow to orchestrate the automation built with Open RPA. OpenFlow can be integrated into the event-based workflow engine NodeRED to automate beyond RPA. Node-Red is an open source workflow engine with a web user interface. Open RPA has extended Node-Red to support many users and workflow states.


This is another open source RPA tool that builds on the popular open source framework for automated testing – the Robot Framework project. The tool consists of three components: Robocode Lab, which allows you to easily access everything you need in one place. Robocloud – Allows users to run software robots instantly. And Robohub, an ever-growing repository of learning materials and documentation for software robot developers.


OpenBots offers an end-to-end open source RPA automation platform. From process discovery and development to automation orchestration and program management, every tool within its automation platform is free for all users. OpenBots is based on the TaskT open source project. It has a dedicated in-house community team and a public community that is available to users 24/7.

Robot framework

This is a generic open source automation framework that can be used for test automation and robot process automation. The Robot Framework is open and extensible and can be integrated with virtually any other tool to create powerful and flexible automation solutions. It is actively endorsed by many industry leaders who use it in their software development. It has a simple syntax with human readable keywords. Its functions can be extended through libraries implemented with Python or Java.


taskt is a free, open source RPA solution based on the .NET Framework that enables users to automate monotonous and repetitive tasks with simple and customizable commands. Formerly known as sharRPA, taskt can automate both web and desktop applications, mimicking the actions a person would take. This tool can automate tasks from data entry to reporting. It’s free for commercial and non-commercial use.


Automagica is a free, open source, non-commercial tool that provides an open source Phyton RPA library. As a free tool, a commercial license is still required for business use. This makes it a potentially superior option for those looking to learn, experiment, and prototype. Automagica enables users to manage their entire digital workforce in one place.


Robin is a free, open source and effective programming language used to create RPA software bots. It allows users to learn easily with simple syntax and runs on top of .Net CLR. With Robin, users can create their automation or software bots. In addition, users can either use the existing libraries or expand them by creating their own modules.

AutoHot button

AutoHot Key is a simple and effective open source RPA automation tool for Windows. It can be used for the keyboard shortcuts – key / hotkey generation; Automation of mouse clicks; Automation of filling out forms; Shortcuts for frequently used phrases; Open the documents, websites, etc. with keystrokes. Features include easy-to-learn built-in commands, beginner-friendly, and script-based automation.


The RPA software UI.Vision combines three RPA tools: Visual Browser Automation and UI Testing, Visual Desktop Automation for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Selenium IDE ++. Formerly known as Kantu, it automates web and desktop apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. UI.Vision RPA is a free, open source browser extension that can be extended with local apps for desktop user interface automation.

April 6, 2021