These 10 tools can help any freelancer be more productive and make more money

TLDR: From marketing tools to social media aids to cloud storage, these 10 offerings can help a freelance entrepreneur spend more time working and less time running their business.

Freelancing is a challenge. You don’t just scratch to get your job done. You are also constantly trying to sell yourself to new prospects and develop new opportunities to grow your powerful business.

Considering how much those scratchy self-starters already have on their plates, we’ve put together this collection of 10 different apps and services to help out. These offerings can help streamline projects, expand reach, and ultimately just do this freelance job as lean and mean as possible.

1. Zuitte 50+ tools for entrepreneurs

Zuitte consists of more than 50 different apps and tools for business owners, all in one easy-to-use place. From marketing and research to social media and accounting, to monitoring a supply chain and running an efficient digital storefront, this collection consolidates all of the tasks that would normally require a whole handful of separate apps.

Get that Zuitte 50+ tools for entrepreneurs for $ 199 (Reg. $ 9,480).

2. System for estimating and billing the invoice amount

Just the paperwork that gets paid when running your own business can be a full time job in itself. With Invoice Crowd, users can create compelling proposals, optimized invoices and fast, automated and secure payment methods on one platform for small and medium-sized businesses. They can get off under a large chunk of their dedicated administration time with what Invoice Crowd has to offer.

Get that System for the estimation and billing of invoice quantities for $ 48.99 (Reg. $ 1,440).

3. Bulk Email Verifier

Truemail can ensure that your email marketing campaigns are not burdened with mountains of bouncebacks. Truemail will automatically search your email list and remove the invalid and unverifiable addresses so your campaigns will always reach the intended brand. Even for non-techheads, this is a neat and effective way to get the most out of your newsletters, offers, and other email contacts.

Get that bulk email verifier for $ 49 (reg. $ 1,049).

4. HelloWoofy Social Media Management

If you feel like you never have enough time to devote yourself to all of the social media channels to keep your business up to date on all of these platforms, HelloWoofy can act as your new social media manager. Instead of just scheduling posts, the AI ​​that controls HelloWoofy is also ready to create content for you. She either finds great content that fits your brand on the web, or just offers her own ideas to fill out and even automate your entire social media profile.

Receive HelloWoofy Social Media Management for $ 49 (reg. $ 588).

5. L-Card Pro digital business card app

Nobody has to carry business cards around with them anymore. L-Card Pro is the business card of the future, an easy-to-organize app for collecting cards and information from other people and distributing your own digital card, including cards, calendars and even videos.

Get that L-Card Pro digital business card app for $ 38.99 (Reg. $ 78).

6. Copysmith

Even if you’re not a word smith yourself, Copysmith can act as a virtual copywriter. Its AI enables you to create powerful copies for all of your marketing, from Google and Facebook ads to product descriptions and email offers. It reads like a human wrote it – and this one-step content marketing tool even integrates seamlessly with Shopify, WordPress, Gmail, and more.

Receive Copysmith for $ 69.99 (Reg. $ 228).

7. Starchive 1 TB cloud storage

Starchive isn’t just cloud storage – it’s an automated file curation system that uses AI to store content intuitively and efficiently. You can save documents, videos, pictures, and more, search them all by tag, or even group them into related collections without physically moving files. Starchive also allows users to post and even post directly to your social channels right from the Starchive app.

Get that Strength 1 TB cloud storage for $ 96.99 (Reg. $ 1,530).

8. Lightkey Pro text prediction software

Have you seen your SMS app predict your next word? Lightkey goes one step further and scary predicts up to the next 12 words you’ll write next to save time writing reports, emails, and text messages. And with content domains that know your business language, Lightkey can actually help you write all those repetitive emails up to four times faster.

Get that Lightkey Pro text prediction software for $ 59.99 (Reg. $ 169).

9. Master Addons for Elementor

If Elementor is like WordPress for steroids, this collection is a great way to top up Elementor for all of your web creation projects. This WordPress plugin is packed with addons, widgets, templates, and more to boost your design creativity via drag and drop – all within the safe confines of a WordPress project. With these additions to the Elementor arsenal, any creation can be as amazingly original as you imagine it to be.

Get that Master addons for Elementor for $ 29.99 (Reg. $ 49).

10. EasyClout Social Media Management for Business

With EasyClout, anyone can quickly manage, view, create and schedule their social media content directly from the EasyClout dashboard. Rather than jumping across platforms, EasyClout makes it easy to schedule posts, respond to comments, measure your performance, and build a community from one location.

Get that EasyClout social media management for companies for $ 19.99 (reg. $ 240).

Subject to price changes.

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March 31, 2021