Solidarity Budget: Criteria broadened for freelancers’ financial assistance scheme

Mr. Heng said the revised benchmarks will make 100,000 self-employed people eligible for the program. You will receive three payouts of S $ 3,000 starting in May.

“In these extraordinary times, many such self-employed people have been hit hard. I hope that they too can help others in their networks and their workers by helping them and we keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, ”said Mr Heng in his speech to Parliament.

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However, he added that those who do not need the help and who do not qualify should not come forward “to appeal for the assistance and abuse it”.

“Otherwise you undermine public trust and use unnecessary resources.”

The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) will help the government manage the application and appeals for SIRS, Heng said.

August 9, 2021