Sliced Invoices Review | A WordPress Invoice Plugin

Sliced Invoices Review | A WordPress Invoice Plugin

All you need to sell products is offers and invoices. Both quotes and invoices are basic things that you need to bring into your products. To learn more about products or provide information on specific products, you need to develop an ideal quotation and billing structure that can fully and adequately explain your products. So follow the sliced ​​bills.

Sliced ​​Invoices is a first-class WordPress invoice plugin with various invoices and offers that you can send to your customer as a free and paid extension. Here you can try out many offers and invoices. All your requirements can only be met on cut invoices. So stop visiting your old brand and walking around here and there as you can visit this brand and get outstanding invoices and quotes.

Why Choose Sliced ​​Bills?

Sliced ​​Invoices is an all-round brand that not only provides invoices and quotes, but also many of the things that this brand brings with it, like pre-defined design templates and more. Also, it has various extensions like 2checkout payment gateway,, customer area, simple translation, deposit bills, gravity forms, strips, additional taxes and more.

Plus, you get some extra enhancements like Braintree, Better URL, Contact Form 7, Impressive Forms, Partial Invoices, Recurring Invoices, and others. Therefore, to get all of these enhancements, you need to go for Sliced ​​Invoices. Furthermore, all of these extensions are essential and come with the best support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Features of cut invoices

Sliced ​​Invoices has top notch features like online payments, draft templates, translation readiness, tax options, pre-defined elements, HTML notification, nice reports, export, tax option, customer management and many others. So let’s take a look at some features to finish off:

Correct reporting

At Sliced ​​Invoices, you get adequate reporting on all types of billing information, such as: B. Canceled, Overdue, Paid, Unpaid, and Draft. All of these reports can be very useful in your calculation so that you can know everything about your invoices and quotes. Not many brands offer this option where you can check out all of these detailed details without wasting your time.

Customize your template

You can easily set up your templates on this platform, choose different design templates, create invoices, create new quotes and add CSS. You can also add a logo, format address, footer text and make your invoices and quotes the best possible. All of these features are unique options only available for Sliced ​​Templates.

Decent plans

Sliced ​​invoices contain a variety of plans, such as: B. Freelance, business and agency packages. All of these plans are very different, offering unique specs and ultimate access at an affordable price. These plans are single-site, five-site, and unlimited license designs.


Sliced ​​Invoice is an online platform that helps you get the best invoices and quotes. You can try on multiple quotes and invoices at the time your project is sold, which completely changes the customer’s perfection in relation to your product. Hence, you need to go to Sliced ​​Invoices.

April 21, 2021