Singapore vocational education institution to offer RPA training

The Institute of Technical Education in Singapore also aims to provide students with knowledge and skills related to the automation of robotic processes.

The Singapore Institute of Technical Education (ITE) works with Automation Anywhere, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company, to train students.

The aim is to equip students with RPA knowledge and skills and to prepare them for joining a workforce that is increasingly placing importance on digital transformation.

As part of the partnership, ITE will set up three RPA competence centers with fully functional models of RPA software at its Singapore colleges.

Automation Anywhere software and curriculum materials provide ITE students and full-time staff with the latest, easy-to-use technology to take advantage of RPA.

“New technologies have created new skills and challenges, and it is our responsibility to provide information and experiences that will turn our students into innovators, developers and problem solvers in the future,” said Low Khah Gek, CEO of ITE.

“As Singapore becomes an increasingly intelligent nation, its people need to be fit for the future
Skills – that includes working with bots and Industry 4.0 technologies like RPA, ”said Ron Goh.
President of Automation Anywhere in Southeast Asia and Korea.

New technologies are changing every industry as artificial intelligence and automation lead to increases in productivity and new working methods.

Technologies like RPA are expected to create new jobs that will require higher levels of cognitive thinking and creativity, requirements that make people stand out in a unique way and that will produce the greatest levels of employee satisfaction.

April 6, 2021