Should I Hire a WordPress Designer, Developer, or Programmer?

Is it time to add some advanced features and functionality to your WordPress website? Or are you more in the mood to develop a brand new website based on WordPress but with a bespoke design? This is when most people would hire a WordPress developer, but this may not be the best choice. The difference can be hiring an architect to remodel your home when you really need a contractor. Let’s take a look at the different types of people who work on WordPress sites and you can decide which one will best suit your needs. (Hint: the answer is easier than you might think.)

Which one should I rent? Do you hire a WordPress designer?

This may seem like a difficult decision, but you will soon find that it is usually a relatively straightforward decision. The hard part, which we’ll cover in the last half of this post, is finding a good candidate for your project.

When to hire the WordPress developer

This is essentially a WordPress architect. The WordPress developer has created or helped create many WP websites. He or she suggests and develops ideas, helps implement and set up solutions, and works on integrating and modifying existing websites.

Developers rarely take on custom programming jobs. So if you run a hair salon and want to add a booking feature to your existing site, the WordPress developer looks for a premium booking plugin that can be installed on your site. They will configure it for you, commission it, but not program it from scratch.

That’s not to say they’ll never code. Sometimes they do coding and design work. In other cases, if they can’t find a plugin or template that suits the customer’s needs, have someone else do it for them. A good WordPress developer should know when it’s time to outsource the work.

Think of your WordPress developer as an architect looking at the big picture and figuring out how best to achieve certain goals. This can mean custom programming or the use of pre-built premium plugins and codes. The best WP developers know which approach is the right one.

When to rent WordPress programmer?

A general programmer with some experience with WordPress: This is a WP programmer, in short. When a developer is an architect, the WordPress programmer is like a bricklayer. If you are really advanced in WP yourself, you can work directly with a programmer to instruct him or her which lines of code to write. Typically, however, you will get to know this type of person through your WordPress developer.

In fact, it’s usually wiser to hire a developer first and then let the developer decide whether or not a programmer needs to come on board. In some projects, it will actually be better and cheaper to use existing plugins and themes than to reinvent the wheel.

When to hire A. WordPress Designer

A designer with some knowledge of turning a concept into an actual WordPress theme that you can install. A WordPress designer works well if you just want to update the user experience of your website without changing the functionality. The bottom line is that most hire a WordPress designer to do tasks they can’t do. So be careful.

How do I find the best developer?

So by now you should know that for most jobs, you really need to hire a WP developer and let them decide who else to bring into the mix. The next question is how do you find a good one? There are many ways to check developers for quality, price, and availability, but this multitude of ways makes it difficult to know where to start.

Freelance websites and job boards

There are hundreds of different freelance websites out there, most of which contain stacks of “WordPress developers”. The problem is filtering the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad. In all fairness, the overwhelming number of choices is usually a hassle rather than an advantage. If you absolutely have to take advantage of a freelance marketplace, avoid the general ones like Elance, Freelancer, and Guru. Instead, check out the Freelance Markets that specialize in WordPress.

  • Smashing Jobs is one of the most famous web development magazines and has a great audience for finding WordPress developers. It’s not cheap, but it will do a great job for you.
  • The official WordPress job board is easy to use and you can easily find someone who can complete your project for you.
  • WP Hired is a platform that specializes in WordPress developers and offers all kinds of jobs related to WordPress, including development and design.

Ask for recommendations and references

If you have a friend who has hired a lot of WordPress work, ask them for recommendations. If not, search the internet and find the sites that you like. Then use the code footers to find out who built the website for them. If it’s not a competitor’s website, you can even contact them directly and ask them who did their WordPress development for them.

Development agencies

You can also check out web design agencies that specialize in WordPress. This is more expensive, but the easiest way. Take a close look at the portfolios and choose an agency that does the best job for you.


Hopefully this article has helped you determine that A) you really need to hire a WordPress developer (or just a designer if you just need a cosmetic update) and B) freelance websites and referrals aren’t very effective at finding a great one WP developer.

April 14, 2021