“RPA that Grade-schooler Can Handle”, Laiye’s Cutting-edge Interactive Experience Area In WAIC 2021, Business News

SHANGHAI, July 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – July 8-10, Laiye, the leader in intelligent automation in China, appeared at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021 in Shanghai. Of the hundreds of businesses at the show, the Laiye booth may have attracted the most elementary and middle school students.

In this exhibition Laiye presents the interactive RPA experience area Mensch-Bot-PK with the focus on “RPA that Primary School Can Handle”. The audience can intuitively experience the “easy to learn and use” of RPA and feel how RPA brings a rapid increase in efficiency. In addition, students who won the RPA + AI track of the 4th National Youth Artificial Intelligence Challenge were invited to visit WAIC and demonstrate their masterpieces.

The 4th National Artificial Intelligence Youth Competition was held in Shanghai on May 30, 2021. One hundred and eighty-six middle and high school students formed 93 teams. They submitted a total of 138 submissions, including 45 original and innovative projects outside the chosen subjects. The youngest developer is currently in seventh grade.

As the exclusive technical support provider of the RPA + AI track, Laiye followed the entire coaching and assessment process, witnessed the growth and work of the youngest developers and took the lead in rolling out RPA + AI in elementary and secondary schools.

In this contest, Laiye made two proposals, Student Information Summarization and Capture and Save News, based on the actual living environment of elementary and secondary school students, and offered thorough advice and guidance for these two proposals. At the same time, the young developers can use their RPA + AI expertise, which they have acquired through practicing the two proposals, to create software bots.

High School Group Winner

International robot for dynamic data acquisition of epidemics

Based on the requirements of the general environment of the epidemic, young developers support students in research projects on dynamic data collection of the epidemic to develop software robots that help in solving the tedious work of manually repeating search, copy, paste and set. The bots avoid the recurrence of individual data and the potential clutter when copying pages and achieve an easier and faster organized data collection.

Junior High Group winner

Image and text recognition

There is a large amount of unstructured data in everyday life, such as similar copies of ID cards and other types of images that contain information. Young developers have been inspired to develop image text recognition software robots by combining RPA with AI capabilities to help people automatically extract the text in images, making the collection and composition of image data more efficient.

This competition is another step forward in developing RPA + AI developers, “starting with kids” and attracting new talent to the RPA + AI ecosystem. In addition, Laiye has successfully attracted nearly 400,000 community developers and partnered with many universities to run multiple RPA courses and campus developer competitions.

Within three years, Laiye plans to build the world’s largest community for software robotics developers and a robotics marketplace, and have one million developers certified through school-business collaboration and community operations by 2025. Laiye believes that by developing more RPA and AI-savvy talent for society as a whole, the digital workforce will drive adoption across all industries.

July 15, 2021