RPA presents high potential growth as organisations invest in automation

According to a new study by UiPath titled State of the RPA Developed Report 2021, almost 100% of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) professionals say they are satisfied with their work.

The report highlights the rapid growth of RPA careers and shows how RPA developers feel about their future and the impact automation will have on society.

The survey found that 97% of RPA professionals are happy with their careers. 63% of them say they are very satisfied, up from 51% last year, suggesting that RPA developers are busy with their work despite the business disruptions over the past year.

In addition, 87% believe that RPA will have a positive impact on society.

Another key finding from the report is that RPA is seen as a rapidly growing and desirable field that is relatively easy to transition into.

The survey found that 92% of RPA professionals believe the RPA industry has high growth potential over the next five years.

Additionally, hiring in the industry remains high, with 77% expecting their company to hire more RPA developers in the next 12 months, up from 70% last year.

35% of respondents said RPA is their first professional position, but RPA doesn’t just attract new talent to the workforce.

Two-thirds of RPA developers come from other software development roles, and 21% were previously business analysts. Half of RPA developers said transitioning into their role was easy.

RPA is a diverse field of software development, the report says.

86% of the RPA experts surveyed are of the opinion that RPA is more diverse or at least as diverse compared to other areas of software development.

There is evidence of improved gender and age diversity: 20% of RPA experts who responded are women and half of those surveyed are over 30 years old.

It is encouraging that among a selection of students surveyed for the first time this year, 82% consider a position at RPA after graduation because of their interest in the technology and their belief that it is a meaningful work.

According to UiPath, developers want to stay in the field, but many are looking for new jobs or are open to new opportunities.

80% of RPA professionals are looking for new jobs or are open to new opportunities, although most of these job seekers (75%) want to stay in this field.

The most important reasons for change include a desire to advance their career (78%), raise their salary (78%) and learn new skills (76%).

Finally, the UiPath report notes that as with many professions, RPA workers have changed the way they work this year.

85% of respondents have started working from home and most are still doing it (as of April 2021).

While 90% of RPA developers want to continue working from home at least part of the time, those new to remote working have faced challenges including difficulty separating (47%) and collaboration (46%).

Tom Clancy, senior vice president of UiPath Learning, said, “Automation opens up tremendous potential for companies to better serve customers and become more agile and resilient, expanding a career category to include people of all backgrounds and skill levels.

“It’s exciting to see both more diversity and fulfilling careers flourish in the automation industry.

“We are committed to empowering anyone seeking RPA skills to thrive in the workplace of the future through free educational resources, training programs, and community events like UiPath DevCon.”

July 18, 2021