RPA opportunities thriving in APAC amid COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic offers “significant opportunities” to providers of robot process automation (RPA) solutions across the Asia-Pacific region, new research has shown.

These opportunities lie in creating solutions that can take on repetitive tasks to give way to reinforced coronavirus mitigation and business continuity techniques.

This emerges from an analysis by research firm GlobalData, whose technology analyst Shravani Kore claims there are significant benefits to using RPA during this time.

“COVID-19 has created significant opportunities for RPA solution providers as the industry seeks solutions for remote operations and automated processes. This ensures that the demand for RPA solutions will continue for years to come, ”she said.

“RPA relieves human employees of their repetitive daily tasks by processing workflows much faster and consequently more efficiently. It also improves and scales businesses, data security and effectiveness. “

These benefits are evident across a number of different sectors, a key one of which is healthcare – the front line of the pandemic.

According to GlobalData, RPA solutions can be displayed here in the form of GPS-enabled dashboards that use bots to collect data and provide real-time information on infection sites, hospital waiting times and mask availability.

An example of a provider in this area is the RPA software provider UiPath with its UiPath Health Screening Bot, which can collect health data from employees and simplify health measures for companies.

Another RPA software provider that is successful in healthcare is Automation Anywhere, which has brought business continuity and remote working solutions to government and healthcare organizations.

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In addition, Greater Mumbai’s Indian urban company used RPA solutions for the generation of mass electronic passports, developed by UiPath and the consulting practice EY.

In the office space, RPA has taken steps to support after-hours responses and support shipping of management, workload automation, and infrastructure management. An example of this is Vietnam-based RPA software provider FPT and its akaBot, which aims to take repetitive work away and focus the number of remote workers on maintaining business continuity.

RPA solutions are also used in the education industry, with solutions being implemented to reduce manual labor and automate administrative processes for student admission, faculty management, and supplier tracking.

In addition, the banking, financial services and insurance industries are supported by RPA solutions, whereby tasks such as compliance, risk management, fraud detection, accounts receivable and accounts payable are covered.

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April 3, 2021