Patrick O’Rahilly of FactoryFix Joins Forbes Councils Expert Panel Discusses Tips for Vetting Freelance Talent

Patrick O’Rahilly, CEO of FactoryFix and a member of the Forbes Business Council, discussed with 12 other Forbes Council members the best way for a company to review its new freelancers to ensure they are meeting the company’s standards. Read more here.

O’Rahilly says, “I go to my personal and professional networks first. I think that if my family or my work colleagues vouch for someone, then we are on the right track. The strength of this relationship is a lot of the review for me. By that I mean, the better I know someone, the more value I give to their suggestions. Relationships are important and we often find some of the most talented talent in our networks. “


FACTORY MADE is a 6-part comedy series set in a working factory that features the FactoryFix platform alongside some of the best American comedian talent today. This unique program will attract the entire manufacturing industry as it takes place in a food processing facility and addresses the problems of small to medium-sized US manufacturing companies. The industry has never had content like this designed specifically for it and created as a standalone, high production value comedy show with recognizable actors.

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About FactoryFix:

FactoryFix is ​​a recruiting platform that connects manufacturers with certified specialists. The purpose of the platform is twofold: 1) To help companies recruit by providing access to a unique talent pool, screening applicants, providing salary information, creating job vacancies, and other tools to streamline the process. 2) It also enables job seekers to create profiles to easily find employers who match their skills, thus maximizing their earning potential.

Patrick O’Rahilly, founder of FactoryFix, explains: “The result is enormous time and cost savings compared to hiring through a traditional recruiting agency or job board. Both have their advantages, but recruitment agencies are expensive and job boards take a lot of time and effort to sift through unskilled candidates. The FactoryFix platform takes the best of each and combines it into a turnkey hiring solution designed exclusively for this industry. “

Companies that take out an annual subscription are guaranteed a skilled workforce for their vacancies. The most popular jobs at FactoryFix include operator, maintenance, welding, machining, and automation roles. Discover more than 250,000 jobs today on the world’s toughest manufacturing job board:

Few hiring solutions offer quantifiable success rates in placing top talent in positions with the appropriate skills. Only through a robust platform that includes deeper matching can hiring efficiency be measured and maximized.

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June 30, 2021