OpenBots Launches Zero Bot Licensing Automation Process Assessment, Analysis, and Management RPA Tool

NEW YORK, March 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – OpenBots Inc., the zero bot license and open source RPA software company, has announced the launch of a new RPA tool, OpenBots Discovery. OpenBots has made waves in the automation industry with its zero bot license fee and open source end-to-end RPA tools like OpenBots Studio for development and OpenBots Server and Agent for process planning, orchestration, and deployment. The company’s newest tool, OpenBots Discovery, is a comprehensive RPA automation assessment and analysis product that also functions as Robotic Portfolio Management (RPM) software.

OpenBots Discovery is designed so that automation developers, business analysts and business users alike can benefit from its features. The management function enables a clear view of the entire automation program of an organization. For this purpose, departments can log and track their execution, development and proposed automation in different groups and departments. Discovery’s assessment function plays the role of automation business analyst. This feature guides the user through an in-depth questionnaire to determine the ease of implementation, feasibility, complexity, and calculated ROI metrics, and to determine which proposed processes are best suited for automation. The questionnaire also creates a PDD or Process Design Document that developers can use as a blueprint for the automation they want. With the storage capabilities, Discovery also enables users to store important process documents within the tool and acts as a central storage location for all users.

“One of the biggest challenges in scaling RPA programs is the lack of a process pipeline.” said the Chief Strategy Officer, Ali Chaudhry. “OpenBots Discovery helps companies evaluate the feasibility of potential automations and priority-ranking processes based on their potential productivity gains. By taking into account factors such as time spent, number of keystrokes, cost to employees, and so on, Discovery can make it easy to build a robust pipeline of ROI positives Automations to get the most out of your RPA program. ”

The pricing model for OpenBots Discovery is divided into three packages: Free, Simple, and Enterprise. While intended to be a SAAS tool for large companies, the free and basic versions of the tool were created for smaller companies, individual RPA teams, and individual users. These versions provide all of the functionality of the Enterprise Package version with minor variations in the number of processes a user can have stored in the tool, the number of users in each corporate account, the amount of storage space, the coverage of the OpenBots support team and security and Compliance measures that are only available in the corporate version.

With the introduction of OpenBots Discovery, OpenBots is the first company in the RPA market to develop a zero-bot license cost and open-core RPA tool suite that provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the automation journey of from discovery and evaluation to deployment and planning.

To learn more about OpenBots and OpenBots Discovery, visit or send an email [email protected]

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March 31, 2021