New Tool Details What a Freelance Developer Should Charge

Whether you’re freelancing full-time or tackling a side project, deciding on an hourly rate is difficult. With CodeMentorX’s new ‘Rate Finder’ tool, you can decide what to calculate based on your location and experience.

The hourly rate is obtained from the CodeMentorX network. The company explains, “Our data is based on the hourly freelance rates set by over 9,000 vetted developers on the Codementor platform. We hope this explorer can help companies interested in hiring freelance developers better understand current market prices and trends. “

If you’re wondering what “verified” means, the process is actually pretty robust. CodeMentorX reviews résumés, manages a coding test, conducts behavioral interviews, hires developers on a “small” project, and conducts a technical interview. It adds, “Only those who pass the entire process are eligible to join our exclusive freelance network.”

There are currently 24 categories to choose from in CodeMentorX. Some, including “Python” or “iOS”, are pretty straightforward. Others like “software” are a bit more opaque, although a descriptor under each category gives details of what it is about. (If you are curious, a “software developer” on the CodeMentor platform will research, design, program and test computer software in a variety of languages ​​including Java, PHP, C, JavaScript and C ++. “)

Most guidelines give developers an hourly rate between $ 61 and $ 100. CodeMentorX’s data drops to just $ 41 an hour and hits a peak price of $ 160 for every 60 minutes a developer works. After you’ve selected your skill level and location, the Hourly Rate Finder will display a breakdown of the developers on CodeMentorX’s platform fee.

If you’re a mid-career Ruby on Rails developer who thinks $ 125 an hour is a good price, think again. CodeMentorX data shows that most North American Rails developers charge between $ 41 and $ 80 an hour, with some charging as much as $ 120 an hour. It is only when you have reached a higher level that you should feel comfortable charging more than $ 100 an hour.

CodeMentorX’s data is entirely in line with Dice’s salary survey. For example, our salary survey assumes that Python developers make around $ 50 an hour. CodeMentorX data shows that “junior” Python developers charge an average of $ 41 to $ 60 an hour, rising to the $ 61 to $ 80 an hour range once those developers reach a “mid-level” Brand.

Whether or not you use CodeMentor’s platform, the hourly rate tool is a good benchmark for knowing what a customer should be billed for. Not only will this help you find a reasonable hourly rate, but it will also be a useful tool for arguing why you are worth the expense when a customer is pushing back on your fees.

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April 12, 2021