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Meet Mediflash, a new French startup looking to improve temporary work in healthcare facilities such as nursing homes, clinics and mental health facilities. The company positions itself as an alternative to traditional temporary employment agencies. They claim to offer better conditions for nurses and institutions.

“Health care facilities cost a small fortune, while nurses are poorly paid,” co-founder Léopold Treppoz told me.

Traditional temporary employment agencies put caregivers and nurses on their payroll. If an organization does not have enough staff, contact their usual temp agency. The agency finds someone and charges the facility.

“When we started we thought we were going to do a temp agency, but more digital, more technology,” said Treppoz. But the startup realized that they would face the same problems as regular temp agencies.

Instead, they looked at other startups working in freelance marketplaces for developers, project managers, marketers, and more. In France, some of them have been quite successful, like Comet, Malt, StaffMe, and Brigad – some of them even run an industry focused on health care professionals. But Mediflash wants to focus specifically on caregivers.

Professionals who register with Mediflash are freelancers. Mediflash only acts as a marketplace connecting healthcare facilities with nursing staff. The company says caregivers can expect more income – up to 20% – while facilities end up paying less.

Of course, it’s not a fair comparison since temporary employment agencies hire nurses. As a freelancer, you don’t get the same benefits as a full-time employee. And in particular, you cannot receive unemployment benefits.

“But many nurses say this is not a problem because the demand is high [from health facilities]“Said Treppoz. Nursing school students who want to earn some money, employed people who already have a part-time job and are looking for additional employment, and full-time substitute nurses can be found on the platform.

Typically, institutions only want someone for three days because they are running out of staff. Mediflash understands that healthcare facilities typically work with a temping agency, and that’s it. That’s why the startup has a sales team that has to speak to each facility individually. Currently, the startup is mainly focused on Metz, Nancy and Strasbourg.

Mediflash recently initiated a $ 2 million funding round led by Firstminute Capital. Several business angels also take part, such as Alexandre Fretti (Malt), Alexandre Lebrun (Nabla), Simon Dawlat ( and Marie Outtier (, taken over by Twitter).

So far, the company has managed 1,400 replacement days. Mediflash makes a cut on every transaction. The company now plans to expand to other cities across the country.

July 20, 2021