Kofax RPA Powers BMconsultants’ Solution for BAR Organization to Provide Freelance Workers Rapid Access to COVID-19 Funding

IRVINE, California – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Kofax®, a leading provider of intelligent automation software for digital workflow transformation, and Dutch platinum partner BMconsultants today announced that Kofax Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is helping the BAR Organization resolve freelance employee applications for COVID-19 emergency funding in three Dutch countries quickly edit municipalities: Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk. The hassle saves the Dutch community thousands of hours of manual data entry while also providing faster COVID-19 relief for constituents.

TOZO (Tijdelijke Overbruggingsregeling Zelfstandig Ondernemers) is a measure used by the Dutch government to fund freelance workers facing income losses related to COVID-19. Manual data entry and processing can take up to two hours per application and is prone to human error. The BMconsultants solution developed with Kofax RPA has significantly reduced the turnaround time for each application to just four minutes. With this time saving of 96 percent, the BAR organization can quickly respond to the needs of more than 1,900 freelance employees.

Not only does Kofax RPA reduce manual turnaround time, it also enables companies to easily integrate information from external and internal sources and leverage process orchestration to improve journeys for high value customers, streamline operations, and seize new business opportunities .

“If we had to manually process all of the funding requests we received after the COVID-19 lockdown, we would still do that. Instead, our team is fully on the cutting edge and can focus on applicants who need additional support, “says Dick Slottje, social information consultant at BAR Organization.” The quality of our services will greatly benefit from the work we do. We look forward to exploring new ways with Kofax and BMconsultants to automate our back office operations. ”

“This is yet another example of how Kofax RPA is helping organizations with mission-critical operational workflows – especially important in this time of crisis,” said Chris Huff, Kofax chief strategy officer. “Businesses and government agencies around the world need to react quickly after the pandemic. Kofax’s intelligent automation has proven itself in enabling these organizations to digitally transform their operations today and scale for tomorrow.”

BMconsultants is a platinum member of Kofax’s Global Partner Program and uses Kofax RPA and Kofax Mailroom Automation to develop solutions for its customers in the Netherlands.

About BAR

The BAR Organization is a local government agency that provides public services to the three Dutch municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard and Ridderkerk. From three offices in the region, the BAR organization provides a wide range of back office and front-line government services that support more than 125,000 residents in the communities.

About BMconsultants

BMconsultants is headquartered in Soesterberg in the Netherlands and has been an experienced provider of solutions for the automation of business processes and a Kofax partner since 2006. Through its intelligent digital solutions, BMconsultants helps companies to reduce the costs and complexity of manual workflows and free up employees to focus on value creation activities. Further information is available at www.bmconsultants.com.

About Kofax

With Kofax, businesses can work today and tomorrow. Kofax’s Intelligent Automation software platform and solutions are digitally transforming document-intensive workflows. Customers achieve greater flexibility and resilience by combining our process orchestration, cognitive acquisition, RPA, output management, analytics and mobile functions to reduce time to value, increase competitiveness, growth and profitability, and at the same time ensure compliance. Reduce risk. Visit kofax.com for more information.

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April 5, 2021