Journalist Entrepreneurs: Introducing A Staff-Freelance Hybrid

In the wider world, Forbes has been passionate about corporate capitalism for the past century. In the media world, Forbes has developed a multitude of new products and business models over the past decade. This year we’re bringing that legacy together in a new program, Journalist Entrepreneurs, designed to deliver ever better coverage and copy to our readers.

Many top journalists are currently wrestling with whether they should remain employees – with the security of an established platform and regular paycheck – or become increasingly self-employed in order to strive for freedom and unlimited potential. Forbes wants to create a third way: Journalistic entrepreneurs receive salaries and benefits like other employees and can benefit from our editors, fact checkers, lawyers and designers. But then they split the revenue with Forbes – evenly, with no cap – based on the subscription journalism they create. In addition to great copywriting for the magazine and, expect a fleet of world-class newsletters, among other things.

We already have Dwight Silverman on board – longtime tech editor of the Houston Chronicle carries so much weight that Michael Dell personally tweeted best wishes when he jumped over to Forbes. Suzanne Rowan Kelleher picks up on travel trends as skilfully as Beyoncé dominates the stage. Scott Mendelson knows more about the Hollywood box office than the studio managers themselves – no small matter as the entertainment business is reinventing itself. Dozens will follow.

By letting our journalists apply the same free market system that we’ve always advocated, we can create something truly authentic for Forbes. Our main incentive is of course one thing above all: to make you, the reader, happier and happier.

June 25, 2021