Introducing Fundi.Digital: A professional freelancer platform

Freelancers are personally screened by Jonathan and Hillel who understand marketing and take a consultative approach to find the right fit, the new startup says.

Fundi.Digital aims to provide advice and resource acquisition strategies to companies who are unsure of the skills they need to achieve their marketing goals. There are no recruitment fees.

The aim is to position the brand as a source of verified recommendations for companies and agencies that want to address various experts for one-off tasks, need a team with special skills for projects or need a dedicated specialist to strengthen an internal company team.

According to Fundi.Digital, the model works because companies are comfortable with freelancers through a personalized pairing system and can access highly skilled people at a fraction of the cost of full-time employment.

For freelancers, membership in the Fundi.Digital network offers the opportunity to get to know the top agencies in South Africa and exciting startups, says the founding duo.

“We’re a proud South African company and we believe in the talent of our country. We have a group of pre-qualified freelancers ready for any job or project you give them,” says Mayer.

“Our hands-on, consultative approach gives clients the peace of mind that not only are they working with the right freelancer for the job, but someone who is an overall good fit for them and who is focused on helping them achieve their business goals,” added Mayer added.

“For the past seven years we have worked for clients and agencies in the digital arena, exposing ourselves to the many facets and challenges companies face today,” added Mayer.

“Lately we’ve been hearing,” Do you know someone who can create my Google ads for me? “,” I need someone to create a WordPress website for me, “and” Please contact the freelancer doing your search engine optimization. “” says Chemel.

“As our network grew through years of activity in the industry, we found that we were becoming a trustworthy source of referrals from freelancers to companies and agencies. In the process, we also built a network of strong freelancers. , concludes Chemel.

According to Fundi.Digital, the company has grown steadily since its inception, doubling its profits month to month and has a large pipeline of exciting work.

Fundi.Digital freelancers are to support 200 companies within 18 months. Ultimately, Fundi.Digital strives to be the largest freelance marketplace for the marketing industry.

For more information or to register as a freelancer, visit You can also follow Fundi.Digital on Facebook or Twitter.

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April 6, 2021