Ingram Micro Distributes UiPath RPA Automation Software Worldwide

Ingram Micro Distributes UiPath RPA Automation Software Worldwide

Ingram Micro has agreed to distribute UiPath’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software worldwide, both technology companies have confirmed.

Details about the relationship are expected to be released in North America on May 4th, but will surface in Australia about 12 hours before the announcement in North America. The development marks an important milestone for the RPA revolution. The RPA software enables companies to write code and bots that can quickly automate manual tasks across multiple departments – from IT service desks to HR, finance, customer support, and more.

The global relationship comes about a week after UiPath’s hugely successful initial public offering, which was valued at more than $ 35 billion in its first day of trading (PATH).

The demand for RPA software is increasing. global RPA According to Gartner, software revenue is expected to reach $ 1.89 billion in 2021, up 19.5% from 2020.

UiPath and Robotic Process Automation: Ready for Small Business Channel Partners?

On the challenge areas, most of the early RPA market is shaped by enterprise style deployments. In general, no one on the IT channel has advocated making RPA a truly global phenomenon for VARs and MSPs supporting small businesses.

Scott Zahl, Managing Director, Global Partner Enablement, Ingram Micro

Until now. The Ingram-UiPath relationship will expand to North America and Latin America, as well as Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, according to Scott Zahl, Executive Director for Global Partner Enablement at Ingram Micro.

The foundation for this expanded partnership was laid in 2018 when Ingram Micro and UiPath began working together in India. The relationship expanded to China in 2019.

In the midst of this journey, Ingram built a “mature and dedicated team of UiPath experts” who can help channel partners throughout the sales cycle, including opportunity identification, design thinking, consulting, licensing and training, the distributor said.

Number sees several opportunities for distributors. Possible examples are:

  • VARs, systems integrators, and IT consultancies that sell and deploy UiPath to help automate end customers.
  • MSPs using UiPath in their own company to further automate their IT service desks and customer interactions.
  • MSPs, ISVs, and other types of UiPath partners develop their own software bot intellectual property.
  • Partners who deploy RPA software bots as part of an ongoing managed service.

UiPath and Ingram Micro: More RPA Perspectives

Thomas-Neergaard-Hansen Ingram Micro Distributes UiPath RPA Automation Software Worldwide

Thomas Hansen, CFO of UiPath

Sabine-Howest-Ingram Ingram Micro Distributes UiPath RPA Automation Software Worldwide

Sabine Howest, VP, global partner engagement and IoT, Ingram Micro

In a prepared statement on Ingram’s relationship with UiPath, Sabine Howest, Vice President, Global Partner Engagement and IoT, Ingram Micro said:

Robotic process automation is a key component in the game plan for a company’s digital transformation and a great selling point for channel partners to introduce DX solutions and services to their existing end-user customer base. Using AI to automate repeatable, rule-driven processes is a practice that businesses of all sizes can benefit from and a growth opportunity that we can leverage with UiPath through our growing and global Advanced Solutions organization. ”

Thomas Hansen, UiPath’s Chief Revenue Officer, added:

“Ingram Micro and UiPath are partner-first organizations that are equally committed to continuously investing in our partners for better service differentiation, exceptional growth and improved profitability. Business automation is a category that channel partners cannot ignore, and investment firm companies are seeing immediate and measurable return on investment and improved employee and customer experiences. We are excited to expand our successful relationship with Ingram Micro worldwide and look forward to helping channel partners unlock the market potential for RPA. ”

RPA software market competition, acquisitions

In the midst of the RPA market, several companies are acquiring RPA software providers and the associated RPA consulting skills. Major RPA software companies include Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Microsoft Power Automate, and ServiceNow.

Even IBM has stepped in as part of IBM CEO Arvind Krishna’s M&A efforts to move the enterprise technology provider to multi-cloud software that drives business automation.

Today’s big step, however, involves a different type of pivot point. Ingram Micro is building a global RPA pipeline that could promote new types of automation across the SMB channel.

May 4, 2021