Hyland acquires RPA specialist Another Monday

The content service provider Hyland has expanded its portfolio to include functions for the automation of robotic processes (RPA) after the company took over the Germany-based RPA software developer on another Monday.

Hyland President and CEO Bill Priemer said the addition of RPA to the company’s content services platform expands the low-code process automation offering. He believes the acquisition will enable all of the company’s customers to take the next level of digital transformation.

In addition, the addition of a feature-rich end-to-end RPA software solution that is highly configurable expands Hyland’s process automation capabilities and strengthens the product portfolio for content services.

As part of accelerated digital transformation initiatives, Hyland says it is imperative that organizations use automation tools to address business challenges.

The company says the addition of RPA “is an integral part of Hyland’s intelligent automation strategy and a natural addition to its customer base – with broad, dynamic use cases across all industries and regions Hyland operates”.

Priemer continues: “We look forward to getting to know our colleagues from Another Monday, welcoming our new customers and partners to the Hyland community and integrating this powerful technology into our existing solutions.”

Another Monday was positioned by Gartner as a visionary in the Magic Quadrant 2019 for Robotic Process Automation. In the report, Gartner assessed another Monday for completeness of the vision and implementation skills.

The company was also named as a “main competitor” in the Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix Robotic Process Automation 2019 report.

The report identified trends in RPA, including a shift towards usage-based billing and the advancement of solutions such as computer vision and workflow management. These also lead to an increase in RPA usage.

According to Another Monday, the automation approach assumes that scaling is a central part of RPA. However, many RPA software solutions only focus on a small part of the automation cycle. On another Monday, the RPA was designed as a holistic solution rather than a tool.

“The RPA market is an exciting and challenging area with rapid growth and a multitude of possible applications that companies can easily combine and integrate to ensure better and more flexible support for business processes,” said Hans Martens, CEO of Another Monday.

“We see Hyland as the best solution to embed our RPA technology in their high-performance automation platform and to implement truly simple end-to-end automation for everyone.”
Hyland announces that it will continue to support Another Monday’s current solutions and customers as it integrates the technology with existing platform offerings.

May 31, 2021