How to Track Your Freelance Work Hours on Upwork App

Upwork freelancers strive to provide their customers with the best possible customer service in order to attract new customers and rank higher in job success scores.

Automatically sharing screenshots and tracking your hours with customers in real time is exactly what can make the difference between a five-star review and a complaint.

Learn how to use the Upwork Desktop App to give your customers exactly what they need to turn you into a top rated freelancer.

Why should freelancers want the Upwork app?

Upwork offers two different remuneration options: hourly wages or fixed remuneration. When customers submit offers for freelancers, they set the remuneration either as a fixed price for the entire project or on an hourly basis.

If the customer chooses the fixed price, they are willing to pay a lump sum for the entire project, no matter how long it takes.

Freelancers looking for meaningful digital contracts on Upwork have the option of spreading this flat rate over several payments based on the various work steps completed.

This can be beneficial as freelancers are guaranteed a certain amount of money after the job is done.

However, this approach can be risky for many as it may have scope issues and the work could take longer than originally expected.

Freelancers with hourly wages receive a fixed amount for each hour worked. Therefore, even if the project takes longer, the freelancer will be paid for the extra time they invest.

There are other time tracking apps that can help you keep track of exactly how much time is being spent on a project. The problem is that using these apps outside of the Upwork platform can raise questions about the legitimacy of the time recorded.

For example, if you state that you worked four hours on a project, your client will never really know if you spent all of the time working on the project or if you added extra hours for more money.

The only surefire way to keep track of hours and prove without a doubt that the time you’ve worked is legitimate is to use the Upwork desktop app, which is fully integrated with the platform.

How to download and install the Upwork desktop app

With the Upwork desktop app, your customers get the exact times they worked on a particular day of the week. It also provides up to six screenshots of your work and sends them with your logged hours.

You can make money from anywhere in the world as long as you have downloaded the app. Sharing screenshots and keeping track of your hours will reduce the number of complaints and improve your customer ratings.

The app only works on desktops and is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Download page for the Upwork desktop app

Download for Windows

  1. Go to Desktop app page in Upwork.

  2. Press the Download now Button.

  3. Open that UpworkSetup.exe File.

  4. click Run and follow all instructions.

Download for Mac

  1. Go to Desktop app page in Upwork.

  2. to open UpworkTeam.dmg and drag the Upwork desktop app onto your Applications Folder.

  3. If you see an “Unknown Developer” error, follow the instructions below.

  4. Go to System settings ›Security and privacy› General.

  5. Choose Allow downloaded applications from everywhere.

Download for Linux

  1. Go to Desktop app page in Upwork.

  2. Select the file and click Installation package.

  3. Or click here for distribution-specific installation instructions.

How to track your freelance hours in the Upwork desktop app

When you open the app, you’ll see your hourly dashboard and all of the current hourly contracts that you have in progress. If you don’t have hourly contracts, the dashboard will be empty.

Picture gallery (2 pictures)

Upwork desktop app dashboard

Upwork desktop app filters

In this section you can browse the various hourly contracts or filter by customer name, contract name and company name.

You can also click the messages icon to see a quick screen of your customer’s messages without logging into the Upwork app.

Click your name in the lower left corner to access Settings, Support, Feedback, and Help Articles. In the Settings section you can customize screen recordings, time zones, cameras, reminders, messages and keyboard shortcuts.

Settings of the Upwork desktop app

Click on the client you want to work for and your app will switch screens allowing you to toggle your working hours on and off.

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Switch on the Upwork desktop app

Activate the Upwork desktop app to record hours

A counter will appear to let you know that your hourly tracking has started. The app takes six screenshots per hour to prove your work. It tracks the number of hours you work each day and each week.

Understand hourly wages at Upwork

Upwork pays hourly contracts every week from Monday to Friday. All hours that you log into your app are automatically synchronized in Upwork.

The customer receives a receipt for your work every week. Customers have the option to set limits on the number of hours per week they are willing to pay to ensure they don’t go over budget.

Note that clients have an extra week to review your hourly work so that you don’t get paid right away for the services you provide. Instead, you will have to wait until the middle of the third week to receive payment.

Week one is when you get the job done; in the second week the client can review your work; Week three is when your payment is released.

Once your funds are available, you can withdraw any amount of money. However, if it is under $ 100, you will need to withdraw it manually.

For all funds in excess of USD 100, Upwork will automatically send your funds to your account without any additional input from you.

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Get the most out of the Upwork desktop app

By using the Upwork desktop app to keep track of your hours, you can show your customers up to six screenshots per hour of your performance.

This will reduce the number of disagreements to deal with and improve your rating, giving you a better chance of attracting future customers.


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