How much you can earn on (2020)

From creative roles like writing poetry to technical jobs like website developer, a freelance position could be just what you need to help you overcome the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic.

While it is possible to find almost any type of job on (Hello Baby Name Consultant), we’ve narrowed down some of the most popular categories and roles to see how much you can make with your own skills. is an online marketplace for crowdsourcing freelancers. Employers post jobs posted by freelancers from around the world. It’s one of the oldest and largest freelance websites currently in operation, having started in Sydney in 2009.

What types of jobs are there on and how much can you earn?

Jobs available range from simple data entry or administrative type roles to more technical jobs that may require working with a larger team or full-time hours.

The lowest budget jobs can cost $ 3 to $ 10 an hour, while you can also find more challenging jobs that can go up to $ 10,000 and more.

Business analysis, project management and finance-based tasks are the most requested tasks within the business category.

At the time of writing, the highest budget job is for a venture capital business researcher with a budget of $ 1,147-2,294 per month. The role requires a knowledge of finance, research, and business analysis to evaluate potential startups looking for investments.

At the lower end of the scale is a role for a SAP Analytics Cloud Professional with a budget of $ 45 to $ 388.

Popular data entry and administration jobs on include data entry, data processing and Excel projects.

The lowest budget job of entering data at the time of writing is for a web research professional that includes internet research for a variety of projects. This job is on a budget of $ 10-50.

The highest budget contract of $ 250-750 is for the listing and fulfillment of eBay products. This is for someone who finds and procures trending products, lists and fulfills orders.

Logo design, along with website design, graphic design, and Photoshop projects, is one of the most popular types of jobs in the design category.

Freelancers can find budgets from as little as $ 4.50 per hour up to a total of $ 7,647 for logo design-based projects.

The three main types of jobs in the Engineering and Science category are Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, MATLAB, and Math.

The lowest budget job at the time of writing is for a MATLAB expert who is needed for a small project on a budget of $ 2 to $ 8 per hour.

The highest budget of $ 2,488 to $ 4,977 is for an electrical engineer to design an ESP8266 WiFi-based board that can handle some capacitive touch sensors.

Dropshipping and shipping logistics roles are very popular here. The lowest budget of $ 15-45 is for a supply chain management expert to help out on a project.

The highest budget role is to develop a warehousing, logistics and e-commerce fulfillment business plan for the Saudi Arabian market. The budget is between $ 45 and $ 382.

The lowest-budget job at the time of writing is designing and implementing a multi-vendor health and fitness app on a budget of $ 18-45.

The highest budget job, $ 15,295- $ 53,533, is for a body measurement mobile application and software built into the website.

The top jobs in this category are for product design and procurement. At the time of writing, a prototype new exercise machine with a budget of $ 2,294 to $ 4,588 is the highest-budget contract.

The lower end of the scale is for clutch / shoulder bag design with a technical sheet and 3D modeling on a budget of $ 12-22 an hour.

Internet and social media marketing are the most popular types of jobs in the Sales and Marketing category.

The lowest budget job is to have an SEO expert help market a restaurant nationally. This job is on a budget of $ 6 an hour.

The job with the highest budget of $ 3,823 to $ 7,647 is for a social media manager. This is for someone who works with a small indie makeup brand to create and promote content across all social media channels.

The lowest budget of $ 3 to $ 12 an hour is to translate 500 words from English to Bengali.

The task with the highest budget is to translate knowledge center materials from English to Russian for a global technology company in digital dentistry. The budget is between $ 2,294 and $ 4,588.

The top jobs in this category are for PHP, HTML, and software architecture. At the time of writing, the highest-budgeted task is developing the back end of a mobile app for cleaning services with a budget of $ 15,295 to $ 30,590.

The lower end of the scale is for a WordPress developer with experience in the payment gateway on a budget of $ 152 per month who works two to three hours a day.

Copywriting, article writing, and content writing are the most requested jobs in the writing and content category.

The highest-budget job is for a full-time technical writer for a hosting and technology website with a budget of $ 2,294 to $ 4,588 per month. The role requires knowledge of hosting, proxies, Linux, and other technology topics to write reviews, comparisons, and how-tos.

At the lower end of the scale is a data entry roller for copying and pasting text from a website on a budget of $ 2 to $ 8 an hour.

  • Develop strong sales skills. Bidding for jobs requires the skills required. However, to get noticed you need to learn to sell yourself and showcase the value you have provided.
  • Complete your profile. Take the time to fill out your profile in full, including skills, experience, and review. This will help future employers learn more about you and your previous work experience.
  • Write a new assignment for each job. As with a cover letter, no two commandments should look alike. Invest some time to really understand the project and show the employer why you are the best person for the job.
  • Do not let low commandments discourage you. While it can be tempting to be low on the competition, keep in mind that your experience and skills will likely translate into fewer hours and better quality work, which could save the employer money in the long run.

April 6, 2021