How much does a freelance digital marketer earn?

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How much does a freelance digital marketer earn?

How much does a freelance digital marketer earn?


When you can earn money from freelancing as a digital marketer, there are two core parts to it: being good at digital marketing and selling your services to potential clients.

I am assuming that you know how to do digital marketing and are looking to sell it to businesses as a freelancer.

Let us look at the process of landing freelance clients as a digital marketer. Whether you are doing SEO, Facebook ads, content marketing or copywriting, the method is analogous.


  • Find businesses that need help with digital marketing
  • Speak with them to understand exactly what they need and how you can help them (sometimes what they think they need and what they need is not the same)
  • Agree with them on the scope of work and a price
  • Do the project and get paid

It is a bit more complex than just that, however, the process is quite similar across different types of projects and online marketing-subdisciplines.

If you would like to urge your first freelance client there are a few of methods that employment well.

One is using a platform like I have found it to be great long-term, but it works well when you are starting out because the platform will help ensure you get paid as well as help you with the method of finding warm leads.

However, I even have noticed that declines tons of latest people applying and that I have seen some cases where they are doing not treat perfectly good freelancers well albeit they are already earning money on the platform.

There is another approach that works well too…

Another approach that works well is using cold emailing businesses to

However, what I see most people do is write spammy-sounding emails that focus on them sending the email rather than the person receiving it. And then send the same email to everyone.

It might work for some, but it has not worked for me. I tried it because I wanted to understand why it is such a popular approach, but it left me feeling bad for being spammy and annoying.

However, what did work well was the other approach: emailing fewer businesses but making the connection personal.

It is still a numbers pool because most of its timing – reaching the proper business at the proper time but by approaching them during a personal way it actually didn’t require that a lot of business results in land a client in my experience.

Of course, counting on the industry you choose, some markets will work better than others.

I have yet to write down an identical guide the way to use email to land freelance clients, so I’ll dive deeper on the way to roll in the hay right here – If you have any specific, constructive help as to how I can improve this guide, please leave a comment below.

Cheers let us dive in!

Arjong Chua

Author Since: 21/09/2019

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