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Step 1:

1. Post your Project and Get Proposal

Sign up for free, Post yourProject and search for talented freelancer for enhancement of your website, Design your logo, develop your mobile apps, RPA Automation, and offer your work to our global Talents.

  • Specified your needs

    Specify the Gig, confirm the completion deadline and set a budget. It’s Free

  • Receive Bids within 60 seconds

    Global Talents notified and sent their proposal immediately


Step Two

2. Communicate with Global talents, Pick the Best

Get notification when you get an order and use our platform to discuss details with customers.

  • Glance Profile and proposals

    Read through their proposal , review at their portfolio

  • Communicate

    Chat with Global Talents to further enquiries on their skill and availability


Step Three

Make Payment Securely with protection

Once you have selected a Global Talents, pay for the total amount of the Project.

The funds will be hold by until the project is completed.

Get paid on time, every time. Payment is transferred to you upon order completion.

  • Payment Protection

    If the Freelancer does not complete the project , your money will be refunded

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