How can I be a good freelancer?

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How can I be a good freelancer?

How can I be a good freelancer?

Listing some that work the best for me:

  1. Do not choose your pay, choose your client. If you make your client happy and automatically your pay will be increased, and you get happy.


  1. Do not think that no client wants to pay. If there are many clients who cheat, there are even tonnes who seriously want the work done and would seriously buy your efforts. So just find the proper clients and 90% of your job is completed.


  1. Do not just lied in front of your clients. If you cannot complete a project within the time frame he has given, tell him instead of being late. If you tell him, he might give you some extra time. If you do not, he will cut your pay as well as start losing trust from you.


He gave me some extra time and we started from Monday.

  • Be firm with your client. If you have any terms and conditions, keep them in front of your client. This shows that you simply are professional and not 1 of these 100k freelancers out there. If something does not work, be ready to revise the conditions.


I worked 0.30 per word for minimum 5 articles, so in fact I can work 0.25 for 10 articles.

  • Do not just take your clients as your clients. Have some fun with them. Talk about his country or politics or anything. This helps in long term projects.


Hope this could assist.



Arjong Chua

Author Since: 21/09/2019

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