Honda: Your Passport to Adventure by RPA | Creative Works

Honda is launching an integrated marketing campaign for the 2019 Honda Passport, Your Passport to Adventure, to highlight the versatile adventurous spirit of Honda’s all-new SUV. It will be seen during the Oscars.

The Honda Passport 2019 marketing campaign includes three 30-second spots. In the first part, a couple embarks on an epic overland journey that travels to and leaves breathtaking areas like pages in a passport book. The moments are broken up by passport-inspired stamps. The second part highlights the functional content of the Passport Elite. “Sometimes” consists of aspirational vignettes that show how the Passport Elite disguise can be a partner in those seeking adventure.

The outdoor campaign uses site-specific headlines to encourage people to move out of their respective cities and into the wild. The images are based on the visual style found in actual passports, and each heading is made from passport-inspired stamps.

April 30, 2021