Hiring Freelance Developers? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hiring Freelance Developers? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Hiring freelance developers gives you many advantages over hiring full-time software developers. The main benefit of hiring a freelance developer is that it is cheaper. Businesses can avoid spending money on an annual salary and benefits, and instead just pay to work on their project.

There is also a global network of talent This can be made available to you through freelance platforms, which we will get into shortly. Working with a freelance developer will keep your business lean by allowing you to hire freelance developers as needed and reduce costs.

Set your expectations

Proper preparation can make hiring a developer an easier task. The first things to consider are the budget, scope, and design of your project. Once you’ve settled on the basic details of the project, it’s time to think carefully about what to expect from the freelance developer.

If you think about it, you can write a detailed job description. If a job description is well written and thought out, it can help attract freelance developers to your project, and not just developers, but the right developers.

You should first find the right title for your job. Make sure you are perfectly clear and avoid being insincere. This will help you find the right candidates and at least get them to consider your offer.

Once you’ve thought of a good job title, it’s time to put some effort into the job description. You should be clear about the tasks involved so that you and potential employees are on the same page. You should also be able to sell your job and convince freelancers that you have an interesting project to work on.

Use a freelance platform

Once you’ve thought about your project expectations, you should consider embarking on a freelance platform. While freelance platforms often charge you a high commission for doing business, the reality is that they make it so much easier to find people to work with. Freelance platforms
can also provide a layer of security between the company and the freelancer.

There are tons of freelance platforms available to you, each with their own strengths. Some platforms may make it easier to post jobs while others may have more freelance programmers available. You can also use multiple freelance platforms to find out which is best for you.

These freelance platforms provide your company with a vast network of specialized talent. So take advantage of it! You can more easily find developers working in different code languages ​​and connect with a developer who knows what you actually need.

Note that not all freelance platforms review their users. By choosing a platform that reviews their users, you can have a more cost-effective hiring process because the developers available are more knowledgeable and reliable. For example, Hiremotely subjects its freelance software developers to a series of tests and evaluations to ensure that their platform can accommodate high quality freelance developers. Think of this as an admissions process that will provide your company with better freelancers.

Once you’ve found the ideal freelance platform for your needs, it’s time to build the list for your job. Take the time to make a detailed list and use the information in the previous section to help you. Ideally, you will be matched with the best freelance developer for the job.

Research The freelance developer

Once you have found a freelancer on one of the platforms, it is important that you complete your due diligence before working with them directly. There are several stages in which you should learn more about the freelancer and develop a relationship with them.

The first step is to review their work, and if they do a lot of freelance work, they should set up a portfolio. Looking at a range of papers can give you an idea of ​​their technical ability. This is a better approach than sending them a coding test.

Once you’ve reviewed the portfolio and are happy with the work, it’s time to start developing a relationship with the freelancer. A first Skype or phone call can be a great way to get to know them and better determine if they are the right person to hire.

If the developer refuses to make a call to you, it isn’t a good sign and you shouldn’t hire them unless you are completely comfortable. While on the phone, pay attention to the freelancer’s communication skills, as well as their knowledge of developing an app or website.

You should ask them about their personal interests and make an effort to connect with them. You can also ask questions about your project and learn more about how to keep them up to date with coding skills.

Once you’ve connected the freelancer and understood more about their skills, it’s time to dig deeper into your project. Describing the project in as much detail as possible can give a developer a better sense of what you need to achieve.

You can start by introducing them to the project. Once you’ve given them a good overview, it’s time to talk about each individual module and its purpose. After completing the module, explain to them the main purpose of the project and the tools and platforms involved. Lastly, you should be able to give them an estimate of the project length.

Start with a trial period

After you’ve completed your search and interview process and found your ideal freelance developer, you need to give them a trial period. Some platforms, such as B. Hiremotely, offer an 8-hour trial period to test your developer’s skills.

If the test is successful, you can welcome your new freelance software developer to your team. It is important to devote adequate time to your hiring process because when you find an excellent freelance developer, you can hire him for multiple projects and build a long-term relationship.

ZwYMQadHAiOOYGmQyLM7Veq6V043 Hiring Freelance Developers? Here's What You Need to Know

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April 21, 2021