Here are 10 key takeaways from renowned WordPress business owners

I think it’s fair to say that as a species we took online tools for granted before COVID-19 struck in 2020. After having no choice but to crawl into our homes and still find ways to stay productive, we realized how much the online space (and all of the tools that go with it) are a blessing.

Be it your online courses on Zoom or the weekly office meeting you attend from your bedroom via Google Meet, the power of technology during this difficult time was undeniable.

This era has also opened the eyes of entrepreneurs and business owners as many of them have had to move existing physical businesses to the online arena. And even if they had an online business to begin with, they had to focus on that business and make the most of the tools available to them.

One such tool that has always been a mainstay for everything from hobby blogs to reputable businesses is WordPress. If you work for a WordPress company or use their services, you know how much it has helped during this difficult time.

The platform’s impact on the WordPress community has been so great that WPfounders, a platform founded exclusively to give WordPress business owners the opportunity to share their success stories and challenges, has managed to compose a remarkable 50 stories from various founders To get leaders and visionaries.

WPfounders has been kind enough to put together some piece of advice from each of these stories so that you can get that much insight into the power of WordPress in no time. Today we’re going to dig deep into these insights and see what we can learn about what WordPress business owners can do to increase their chances of success.

So without further ado, here are the top ten takeaways from some of the most renowned WordPress founders out there.

10 takeaways from WordPress business owners

1). Always listen to your customers

Pretty much every successful WordPress CEO believes in the power to stay in touch with your customers, especially when it comes to paying close attention to their feedback.

“The only advice I want to give to anyone wanting to start their own business is to always listen to their customers,” says Nicolas Lecocoq, founder of OceanWP. “They use your product in different ways that you probably don’t know about, and if they enjoy it, they will give you useful feedback and ideas on how to improve it.”

2). Find your niche and focus on it

You don’t want to walk around like a headless chicken when it comes to working on your WordPress business. The clearer your business goals and target customers are, the greater the stability and success that you as a business owner are likely to enjoy.

“The best advice I can give is to find a niche you know well and own it,” said Trey Gardner, founder of GreenGeeks. “You increase your chances of success and enjoy what you are doing as long as you are doing it.”

3). Do your own thing

Just because a particular niche or strategy works for XYZ doesn’t mean it works for you. You are a unique person and you shouldn’t forget that on your way into the business world.

“If you want to start your own business, do it your own way,” says Istiak Rayhan, founder of WPLeaders. “Just because someone does something great, there is no guarantee that it will work for you.”

4). Be Innovative

As difficult as it is, it is also a unique opportunity for anyone looking to make it big as an entrepreneur or business owner. There are several vulnerabilities that can be identified and there is always an innovative way to use the power of technology to solve them. Don’t be afraid to try something unconventional if you think it will make a significant difference.

“My advice to startups – and especially WordPress startups – is INNOVATE,” says Tom Fanelli, founder of Convesio. “It’s a great time to be in the WordPress market – possibly the best in history – and we’re about to have some really big events.”

5). Start as early as possible

Avoiding procrastination is never easy. And yet, according to several renowned entrepreneurs, that is exactly what you have to do to be successful in the WordPress business world. It’s natural to have a lot of regressive second thoughts and doubts before starting a business, but when you think about it, getting started is really half done! Get started now and before you know it you will be in the know.

“A cliché … But if you want to start something, do it now,” says Michael Makijenko, founder of Visual Composer. “’Now’ is the best time. Adopt experimentation habits early on. Always draw a line in the sand, benchmarking, experimenting. Learn from the results of your actions – and from others (there is so much great knowledge online).

6). Get out of your comfort zone

It seems to be a well-known principle of success, especially in entrepreneurship and business, that real progress can only be experienced when difficult decisions are made, risks are taken and comfort is set aside. This also applies to the functioning of your WordPress business because the best way to be safe in your business is to go out of your way to try new things.

“Confidence comes from experience – and the only way to get there is to keep trying new things and pushing yourself to step out of your comfort zone,” said James Rose, founder of Content Share. “Your trust grows over time, which in turn makes it easier to get customers and ask for more.”

7). Passion will take you to places

In difficult times, your passion will be the only force that will keep you motivated. WordPress business owners thrive when their online business is something they are very passionate about.

“Focus on a niche, build a community, and love what you do – One thing that I’ve noticed about all of my products / businesses is that every time I build something, I am really interested it was successful, ”says Gijo Varghese, founder of WP Speed ​​Matters.

8th). Don’t be afraid of the hustle and bustle

You won’t become an established online presence without investing the long hours. Of course, hard work is a requirement for any successful business, including the WordPress business of your dreams.

“For other young entrepreneurs: don’t be afraid to work too hectically and hard in the early days! It’s easy to look at Flywheel and not understand all the long nights it took to build the company we are today, ”said Dusty Davidson, co-founder of Flywheel.

9). Don’t let your focus waver

Quite a few WordPress business owners have emphasized the importance of focus in order to speed up doing business online, and it makes sense considering how detrimental a dispersed strategy can be in the long run.

“The key to success is focus, focus and focus on your product and your customers”, says Benjamin Denis, founder of SEOPress. “Internationalize your product as quickly as possible: first add English, then add languages. And call the professionals for this important task. “

10). Build your audience asap

Your company will only be as good as the service it provides to people. Be it motivational content or tangible products, you want to make sure there is a loyal customer base who look forward to your offer. If you lose them, you will lose your business too.

“Build an audience first, or if you’ve already started a business and haven’t built an audience, start now. It’s not too late, ”says Alex Panagis, founder of ScaleMath. “Even if you don’t know what you want to do, build or sell, start by building an audience and then designing what product you build or how you serve the people through the demographic you attract and what you actually like to be to do.”

Are you a WordPress business owner? What advice would you give to someone looking forward to going down a similar path?

July 28, 2021