From Being A Freelancer To Being One Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Experts, Rachit Madan’s Journey Is Impressive

We all find prominent and career-changing opportunities in places we never thought of! Since the beginning of the Internet, the number of job offers and business ideas has grown rapidly over the past ten years. Affiliate marketing is booming faster and faster today. But some people were associated with it when it was just making its way into the business market. Rachit Madan is one of the few people who has long been associated with affiliate marketing.

Rachit Madan began his affiliate marketing career in 2009, when he wasn’t starting out as a full-time employment. He was waiting to join Infosys. In order to keep himself busy and make good money, he engaged in freelance work. However, connecting with affiliate marketing turned out to be one of Madan’s best decisions in his life!

When Rachit Madan started working with Infosys, he worked with overseas advertisers from 9 to 5. Despite being a full-time job, he made pennies. On the other hand, through affiliate marketing work through some forums and other online platforms, he met professionals in the field. They helped Rachit understand how profitable and interesting the field is. The income from his freelance work was higher than what he earned as a full-time employee.

In 2014, Rachit decided to quit his job to become a full-time affiliate professional. You could call it a risky move, but it was a brave and profitable decision that he made at the time. That same year he started his own ecommerce and worked hard day and night until he made his mark in the world of affiliate marketing. Rachit Madan’s life has changed completely, especially in terms of financial returns. He is currently a growth marketer helping clients increase sales and generate leads for the big giants in the United States.

Published April 18, 2021

August 17, 2021