Freelancer banking service Shine switches to paid subscriptions – TechCrunch

The French startup Shine wants to be the only professional bank account you need as a freelancer. To date, 25,000 people have signed up for the service, and the company recently closed a $ 9.3 million financing round.

Shine wants to help freelancers in France with every step. After logging in, the app will help you fill out all the documents to create your freelance status. You will then receive a card and bank details.

This is a great way to create invoices, accept payments, and also pay for things. Creating an account and basic transactions were previously free. From January 21st, freelancers will have to pay EUR 4.90 to EUR 7.90 per month, depending on their status.

Freelancers who earn less than € 70,000 (so-called “car entrepreneurs”) pay € 4.90 per month, while others pay more. This is still cheaper than most professional bank accounts. Existing users don’t have to pay anything.

The company has mentioned premium plans in the past, but Shine now wants to create a single plan with a consistent set of features for everyone. If you take your indie lifestyle seriously and generate a lot of sales, you will pay a little more.

In addition to this change, the startup is working on a few new features. In short, you will be able to generate better exports for accounting purposes. You can deposit checks, manage your account from a web browser, create better invoices, and much more.

However, Shine doesn’t just want to create an endless list of bullet points with as many features as possible. The company aims to create the best banking assistant for freelancers. You will receive notifications for administrative tasks and can ask the support team any questions you have about the administrative part of your work.

It’s not just about customer support for the product, but also customer support for French papers. And that has a certain value in itself.

May 9, 2021