Freelance gigs that flourished since Covid-19

Those with knowledge of math programming and statistical analysis are in great demand. (Source: Getty)

The demand for people with programming, coding, and engineering skills practically doubled during the coronavirus pandemic, a new report found.

According to the latest Fast50 report from, the volume of job opportunities in the gig economy is increasing. The number of jobs at freelancers rose by 41 percent in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, from 429,000 to 429,000 605,000.

And those with knowledge of mathematical modeling, especially Matlab and Mathematica, saw almost double demand (99.6 percent), closely followed by those with knowledge of application programming interfaces (API) (91 percent).

Those with knowledge of XML, a language very similar to but more flexible than HTML, saw the third largest increase in demand (89.9 percent), while those with project management skills saw freelance jobs increase by 86.2 percent.

The appearances in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering as well as in the fields of statistics, legal research and skills in the field of game design and development also increased significantly.

Fast20, 2nd quarter 2020. (Source:

Fast20, 2nd quarter 2020. (Source:

Fast20, 2nd quarter 2020. (Source:

Fast20, 2nd quarter 2020. (Source:

According to Freelancer, the increase in data processing skills is due to the increased volume of data being tracked and analyzed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The top data cruncher employers come from the healthcare, government, business, and media sectors.

Computer security, e-commerce, and other app development skills also made the top 25 list, with banner design and academic writing also increasing significantly (44.6 percent and 44.1 percent, respectively).

According to Freelancer, entrepreneurs started e-commerce business during the lockdown, with Shopify’s share price more than doubling in the six months to July 13, and projects in game design, development, 2D animation, and Adobe Flash also increasing significantly .

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Local appearances, online assistant jobs on the decline

Meanwhile, jobs that declined the most during the lockdown were local jobs and gigs that required writing and Excel skills, while gigs in general administration and virtual assistants, and jobs with resume and e-skills skills Mail processing also decreased.

“The online freelance job market continues to thrive despite global challenges,” said Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer.

“A flurry of demand began towards the end of Q1 2020, and by Q2 2020 the number of users joining our platform, including freelancers and employers looking for freelancers, skyrocketed.

“While Covid-19 was the catalyst for the already upward trend in freelance work, this exponential growth can also be attributed to a strong desire for individuals to finally start their own freelance business, work on their own terms, and supplement their income,” he said .

“These are promising times and positive signs for the gig economy.”

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Missed it? Find out about each episode of the Yahoo Finance Breakfast Club: Live Online webinar series.

April 10, 2021