Fiverr’s new campaign spurs us to create ‘Something from nothing’ amid the great resignation


Fiverr, the online marketplace for freelancers, is encouraging everyone to follow their dreams in its new campaign launching today. To get the message out far and wide, it is stirring up the marketing mix by tapping into Reddit for the first time and leaning heavily on influencers. Fiverr will also leverage traditional tactics – potentially including another Super Bowl spot. Chief marketer Gali Arnon explains the brand’s new strategy.

Looking to continue to build global brand awareness as well as rebuild its stock price, Fiverr is launching what it is calling a “massive” global ad effort. The ‘Something from nothing’ campaign is meant to be a rallying cry for all of those with big ideas looking for the talent to help execute them.

Fiverr is no stranger to TV advertising having launched its first Super Bowl ad earlier this year. Nor is it a stranger to a Reddit community rife with creators. That is why it is taking the multi-pronged media approach. It will leverage TV and tried-and-true social platforms including YouTube and Facebook, while also advertising for the first time on Reddit and amping up its influencer outreach.

Fiverr chief marketer Gali Arnon says she is stirring the marketing mix in an effort to become a “super brand” amid the “tectonic movements” happening in the talent marketplace. “Post pandemic is the time to send out the motivational and inspirational message of making something out of nothing,” says Arnon. “With the great resignation and people’s desire to become entrepreneurs, now more than ever, the nine-to-five, get up in the morning and go to the same place no longer exists. This campaign is a celebration of the freelancer providing resources to build any brand, any dream or initiative on our platform.”

Embracing Reddit with a trending takeover, promoted posts and other tactics was an obvious next step for the brand, says Arnon. “There are a lot of conversations about Fiverr on Reddit. It’s a huge community of creators and early adopters. There are a lot of synergies with our community.” The same can be said for influencers, she says. “They are all creators themselves. We will be working with leading creators, with huge fan bases, who will show how they create something out of nothing.”

While these channels will focus on younger entrepreneurs, the brand is also eager to attract business decision makers and older audiences who may not be as familiar with the Fiverr platform. That’s why TV, out-of-home (OOH) and traditional social channels are being readily embraced with a focus on key target markets – specifically the US, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada. As for another Super Bowl ad, Arnon says: “We are thinking about it. I can’t share any exact plans yet.”

Either way, Arnon views Fiverr’s current lack of awareness among some general audiences as “both a challenge and an opportunity. The younger generation might know about us – but buying digital services on the internet could be revolutionary for older audiences. It’s like e-commerce was years ago.”

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6 February 2022
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