First Consulting supports BDO with building its RPA capability

The Dutch branch of the global auditing and consulting company BDO works on its own digital transformation. The company’s IT department for business services pioneers the latest technology trends, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Management consultancy First Consulting supports BDO in designing the RPA trip and in setting up its internal RPA functions.

Last year, BDO examined the value of Robotic Process Automation and concluded that the technology has the potential to improve the company’s service offering as well as its internal operations. Building on the analysis, the professional services company has included RPA in its ICT strategy for the coming years.

Robotic Process Automation is a technology in which repetitive human actions within administrative processes are automated by intelligent software and potentially enable great advantages in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and quality. RPA can essentially be thought of as a virtual worker who can be deployed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to expert analysis, the main advantage of RPA is its ability to achieve cost reductions that can be realized in a short period of time with relatively limited resources. In addition, the RPA software can use existing systems and applications so that no effective IT adjustments are required to run the software.

At BDO, the first robot was delivered as part of the RPA project and put into operation by the company. First Consulting advises BDO on all aspects of the provision and scaling of the technology throughout the company – from building skills to governance structure and processes to architecture and IT infrastructure. The joint team from BDO and First Consulting has now also taken the first steps to set up an internal RPA capability.With RPA on board, BDO’s ICT department aims to increase employee satisfaction by eliminating a number of often boring (repetitive, administrative) tasks. The robots take responsibility for such tasks, so that the employees have more time for value-adding activities. In addition, RPA can carry out tasks and processes with a lower error rate than humans and thus improve BDO’s internal processes.

During the project, First Consulting uses its best practice RPA growth model method. The approach distinguishes three different growth phases: starting with RPA, structuring RPA and scaling RPA.

The project results are delivered through an agile approach. According to the engagement partners, the following results were achieved over a period of six weeks:

  • Development of a first robotic process that creates direct value for the company and contributes to the 360-degree customer view by migrating information from two systems to another system;
  • Consultation and implementation plan for the technical design related to RPA, ICT guidelines, a security questionnaire and a basic infrastructure;
  • A roadmap for establishing an in-house RPA capability, including the following components: processes and governance, change management, and skill building and training;
  • Plan to set up performance tracking / monitoring and reusability of robotic process components.

First Consulting and BDO can look back on a successful and pleasant cooperation so far, in which “tangible results” have been achieved. According to the committed consultants from First Consulting, the close correspondence between the company’s standards and values ​​was a decisive success factor. “Our pragmatic, objective approach has clearly paid off,” commented the company’s project manager.

In the coming period, First Consulting and BDO are investigating opportunities to develop digital functions in other BDO business areas.

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April 17, 2021