Farmers Insurance: Farmers ‘Halloween’ by RPA | Creative Works

Farmers Insurance has enlisted the help of the undead – a mummy, a vampire, and a zombie – to help clients get their life insurance policies in order.

The spots, which fit seamlessly into the overarching We Know From Experience push with JK Simmons, let every creepy narrator casually stroll, hike or practice yoga movements around the living.

In Cardio of the Dead, a zombie jogger limps down a path and checks her pulse in vain. “Still nothing.”

Van Wander plays the legendary Dracula, but adorned with mountaineering equipment, calmly asking? “Are you human? You are not alone.” And Downward Sphinx is driven by a mummy yogi who contorts while deafening crackling almost drowns out her monologue lines. “Corpse Pose” seems to be her favorite yoga posture.

Ironically, the familiar “We know a thing or two because we saw a thing or two” sounds more serious than a pitch for life insurance for the undead. Even Farmers’ friendly ending ends in a hideous cackle that wouldn’t be out of place at the end of Thriller.

June 7, 2021