EY, Capgemini and KPMG named top RPA services providers on the planet

In the first of its kind, consulting firms EY, Capgemini and KPMG were named among the top three global providers of robotic process automation services.

In a study of the current RPA (Robotic Process Automation) landscape, carried out by one of the world’s leading research and analysis companies HfS, the global consulting firms EY, Capgemini and KPMG were identified as the world’s leading RPA service providers – with HfS 29 evaluates providers worldwide based on their ability to execute, their ability to innovate and direct customer feedback.

For the study, the HfS adopted the standardized definition of RPA from the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which is more robotic than “preconfigured software instance, which uses business rules and predefined activity choreography to complete the autonomous execution of a combination of processes. Activities, transactions and tasks in one or more independent software systems to deliver a result or service with human exception management. “

While this isn’t as glamorous as the popular notion of a happy mailroom robot, the main motivation for implementing RPA is to increase efficiency and productivity in terms of repetitive, time-consuming tasks, thereby freeing the human brain to focus on tasks focus where it is needed most. RPA service providers are companies that help plan, implement, manage and optimize RPA systems.

After a strict market analysis and equal weight of execution – depth and breadth of the offer, scope, added value – innovation – RPA strategy and roadmap, process transformation, technical innovation – and customer satisfaction, based on surveys, reference tests, etc. currently crowned the world’s leading RPA service provider, closely followed by Capgemini and KPMG. “We’re excited to receive this recognition as an expression of EY’s focus and commitment to delivering impactful, transformative services to EY customers,” said Dan Higgins, EY’s Global Technology Consulting Leader, Advisory. “We are determined to continue investing in truly intelligent automation solutions that have the potential to bring together and leverage the convergence of new technologies and help maximize customer value.”

On a further breakdown, EY also cited the sub-categories of analysis related to scale, technological innovation, and focus on business outcomes and process transformation. Accenture, ranked fifth overall, led the way in depth of offering, RPA strategy and roadmap, and ranked second behind EY in terms of size and technology innovations. Other leading companies in the hospitality industry were the RPA specialist Symphony for value creation and the process management company WNS for customer satisfaction.

The second and third placed Capgemini and KPMG showed consistent performance in all categories, whereby KPMG was classified as the second largest provider in particular for the depth and breadth of the offer, the added value and the focus of the company on business results / process transformation – according to the authors of the report “a strong mix of excellent service execution, applied innovation and vision, and verified customer satisfaction ”.

In the meantime, against the backdrop of company satisfaction with RPA engagements rated as “downright mediocre” by analysts, the average customer satisfaction rating was only 77 out of 100 (the values ​​are lower than normally stated for companies in other areas), writes HfS about Capgemini ; “As companies seek scalability and ROI in the face of the ongoing hype about ease of use and quick profits, Capgemini’s ability to perform well in all three assessment categories speaks for its ability to manage expectations and deliver value to its customers.”

Asia, and Singapore in particular, have become the global epicenter for digital innovation. Among a nearly endless number of leading multinational technology and manufacturing companies, numerous global consulting firms have established dedicated innovation centers in the region. These include EY’s Wavespace centers in Shanghai, Singapore and now Hong Kong, as well as Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange and KPMG’s pioneering Digital Village in Singapore. Accenture is also home to a Digital Innovation Hub in Singapore and another recently launched in China.

April 19, 2021