Explora consulting drives change for businesses with RPA service

Industry 4.0 embodies the current trends in the direction of automation and data exchange and is far more than just a catchphrase. Recent research by McKinsey & Company * shows that top companies are much more focused on their digital skills than other market players. Digital evolution is advancing so fast that if you ignore the digital transformation trends that drive Industry 4.0, it could be eliminated by the market itself.

* Source: Strategy at digital speed (McKinsey & Company, January 2020)

Robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA is one of the key elements for companies from Industry 3.0 to 4.0. To help companies open the door to the fully automated process method of Industry 4.0, Explora Consulting is introducing the DEO program for RPA services to help customers stay one step ahead of this transformative technology.

What is RPA And how can you apply it to your business?

RPA is a form of automation technology that uses robots to mimic human tasks within a process,” says Jason Chan, head of digital transformation at Explora Consulting.

He adds, “RPA has tremendous capabilities that can be applied to a wide variety of repetitive and rule-based tasks such as B. Data entry and scraping, form and data validation, approval processes, billing and invoicing processes, procurement and reordering processes. operational decision making and even test automation. “

Investment versus return: is it worth investing in RPA?

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“Indeed, the development cost of configuring a robot is low, and given the business value RPA can bring to a company, it is definitely worth investing in,” says Chan.

He explains, “Because RPA is less prone to error or the typographical errors that result from human involvement in routine and repetitive tasks, it offers extreme accuracy, consistency, and consistency. Productivity can be increased by robots that work non-stop, 24/7, and the process cycle time is much faster compared to traditional manual processes. “

Announcement of the start of the RPA service for the automation of business processes – “DEO program”

Explora Consulting takes a strategic and professional approach to RPA implementation, the so-called DEO program.

“As consultants, we believe that having a thorough understanding of our clients’ business processes and determining the right transformation strategy is key to realizing real business value with RPA. For this reason, the first phase is diagnosis to identify the potential operational risks and take advantage of the RPA development, ”says Dora Tse, Director of Explora Consulting.

She goes into more detail:

“Then, in the improvement phase, we scale the RPA variety with the operations to ensure that RPA is well established to improve our customers’ business. Explora’s ultimate goal of bringing customers to Industry 4.0 means that business operations can become efficient and cost-effective. This is how we enter the orchestration phase to help our clients build their own RPA competence center with strong focus across the company so that the company can grow quickly with more accurate processes. “

A successful case of the RPA DEO program

“The DEO program was implemented for one of our customers in the travel and retail industries and is considered a proven success,” says Tse proudly. “We’ve helped our customers resolve the frustration of a heavy business workload with repetitive tasks and unclear processes that make it difficult to transfer information. By integrating RPA into your business processes, you can standardize your end-to-end operating processes, significantly reduce costs and discover ways to redesign your business processes. “

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April 6, 2021