DigiAssist Powered by SAP Intelligent RPA Now on SAP Store

SAP Intelligent RPA, the robotic process automation layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform, automates repetitive manual processes by creating, planning, managing and monitoring intelligent bots.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the global trends that has changed many industries such as logistics, banking, aviation, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and healthcare. More and more companies from different industries are using RPA based on the multitude of proven use cases. A Gartner report predicts RPA software sales will reach $ 1.89 billion in 2021 – a 19.5% increase from 2020 – and will continue to grow double-digit through 2024 despite COVID-19 challenges .

As RPA grows worldwide, DigiAssist powered by SAP Intelligent RPA is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Melbourne-based boutique automation consultancy Spectar Group, which makes it into the SAP store. SAP Store is the newly consolidated store that has merged the SAP App Center for partner solutions and the SAP Store for SAP solutions to offer a unified digital marketplace experience. DigiAssist is now available in the SAP Store and can reach SAP customers and partners more than ever.

Digital Workers powered by SAP Intelligent RPA

DigiAssist is a solution that integrates with SAP Intelligent RPA using the SAP Extension Suite and the SAP Integration Suite. Also known as a digital worker, DigiAssist from Spectar executes repetitive tasks and high-volume SAP transactions without errors, increasing quality and efficiency.

SAP Intelligent RPA enables companies to easily develop intelligent bots with a low-code design studio for hyper-automation. Hyperautomation, an emerging technology, combines RPA with intelligent technologies such as AI, ML (machine learning), process mining and analytics to automate processes that are far more advanced than traditional automation. By automating repetitive tasks in business processes, companies can further accelerate their transformation into intelligent companies.

DigiAssist from Spectar is based on SAP technology and runs on the SAP platform. It integrates seamlessly into SAP routines and does not depend on plug-ins. By integrating with SAP Intelligent RPA, DigiAssist can execute the entire contract up to the cash cycle – reading emails, extracting data (OCR), creating orders, deliveries, invoicing, registering and processing transactions in SAP, error logging and sending e – Emails to his supervisor with detailed statistics. The software robots are best suited to perform scripted and repetitive tasks and give the human workforce more time to focus on higher value business activities such as upselling, customer interactions, sales strategies, product improvements or pricing strategies.

DigiAssist aims to provide users with the following benefits:

  • Improve productivity and availability around the clock
  • Significant cost savings on a pay-per-use basis
  • Faster ROI while improving efficiency and governance
  • Ensure transaction accuracy with the reliable pre-built SAP integration leveraging SAP Intelligent RPA
  • Improve business controls and compliance

About Spectar Group

Spectar Group is an Australian management consultancy and SAP Silver Partner, led by a pool of technologically functional experts in the areas of SAP, RPA, BPR and test automation. The company has been helping its customers master business transformation through digital excellence since 2017.

With proven expertise in SAP automation, Spectar guarantees agile and cost-effective provision of S / 4HANA solutions. The company works strategically with companies that also use AI-based solutions to achieve greater performance and customer success. Spectar services include RPA, TOSCA test automation, cloud hosting, and tutorials.

Gartner recognized the Spectar Group in 2020 in its “Competitive Landscape: Hyperautomation Service Providers”.

July 8, 2021