Delivering Ingenious Robotic Solutions Through Advanced RPA Technologies

AltBird Robotics: Providing sophisticated robotic solutions through advanced RPA technologies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the fastest growing segments of the enterprise software market. This technology automates business processes and improves robot performance efficiency to meet business goals. The transition to intelligent automation, machine learning and robotics solutions has become one of the most important steps to take to gain an edge in the highly competitive marketplace. In recognition of this need, AltBird Robotics offers the best in robotic solutions and facilities, especially for the mining and infrastructure sectors.

Insights into the company

AltBird Robotics was founded in December 2018 by two formerly distinguished military officers to develop and develop unmanned autonomous solutions for air, land and sea.

After bootstrapping, AltBird began providing RPAS services to the industry in 2019. The service industry continued to grow and AltBird was soon the preferred service provider for the mining and infrastructure sectors. For 2019 AltBird has been declared to have flown the maximum number of flight hours in the mining sector in the world (by DroneDeploy USA).

AltBird Robotics set up its Innovation Lab in Mumbai in October 2019 to develop hardware and solutions. Since then, the company has been operating in two different silos. Half of the company is in the service business, the other half is solely focused on R&D.

AltBird’s mission that sets it apart

In the founding phase, the company’s mission was to develop innovative robot solutions for land, air or sea. And the mission is the same to this day.

The trip was a roller coaster ride. The first days were tough. Introducing customers to new technology, gaining their trust, working in remote areas, etc. was a great learning experience.

Regulations banning Chinese technology dealt another blow to the fledgling industry, which had not yet developed enough depth to be self-sufficient.

And the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that followed became a major challenge. The company is grateful to have overcome and overcome these hurdles.

Visionary leadership that paves the way to success

Col. Dipanshu Sinha, Sena Medal, a highly decorated retired military officer and serial entrepreneur is the founder of the company. Dipanshu co-founded RxHeal Commerce, one of the country’s first online pharmacies, and Alisail Logistics – a pan-Indian last-mile logistics company. Someone with a military background and past business experience helped the company transition and learn in the rapidly evolving field of robotics technology.

The company achieved several premieres under his leadership. The team developed India’s first road UAV-based traffic management AI software. It is also credited with building India’s first in-house environmental inspection RPA, running India’s first intelligent route surveying product for ODC cargo movements, and was among the first to develop an NPNT software module for OEMs and operators.

Implementing disruptive technologies to meet the needs of the industry

AltBird, focuses on robotics research interests. It works on RPA and terrestrial products for the mineral extraction industry as well as a specialty product for the logistics sector. Although product development and delivery has been delayed due to the pandemic; However, the company is confident that the first product will hit the market later this year. The company is also continuing its advances in the drone service business and plans to offer services in Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia in the near future.

Balance the challenges to strive for victory

Pure R&D for a bootstrapping company is tough. The company chose the service route to fund the research interests. The lockdown also took its toll as moving the crews and looking after customers became immense challenges. The single-minded focus on product development, the great team and the camaraderie set AltBird apart from the other companies. The company has seen its worst ups and downs and continues to push forward.

The future is robotics and automation

According to Dipanshu, almost all clients were developed based on personal references and the quality of the organization’s work. AltBird prides itself on being the best service provider in the mining sector in India. Regarding the future of the industry, he believes that robotics and automation are at the limits of the technological revolution. The coming machine age is set to be dominated by AI, ML and autonomous technologies.

July 14, 2021