Connected RPA Delivers A Digital Workforce

In most job roles, there are some tasks that require very little creativity and can instead be viewed as boring, repetitive, and mundane. Imagine software that can perform and automate these tasks so that human workers can innovate, create, and collaborate on more meaningful parts of their work. This is the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promise.

Business leaders today understand the benefits of RPA and agree that the technology will have a positive impact on their workforce and operations – both now and in the future. The most recent Blue Prism World event in Orlando focused on the potential for RPA as Blue Prism and its partners today demonstrated the benefits of connected RPA in business.

“They never had the tools, they never had the technical skills,” said Pat Geary, chief evangelist at Blue Prism. “Suddenly it’s in their hands and can unleash this creativity, this wave of entrepreneurship.”

A pioneer and innovator in RPA, Blue Prism provides digital workers who provide government and business leaders with intelligent skills to automate mission-critical business processes while meeting the needs of the most demanding IT environments.

What I’m most excited about is how we’re using this technology to transform our customer experience, ”said Heather Ruehl, RPA Solution Architect at ATB Financial. “We’re giving team members new tools to spend time enriching customers’ lives. We speed up the experience with ATB. We took over some processes and improved them by 99 percent. We reduce things that would have taken four days to four minutes. “

As partners like Ruehl confirm, digital workers are sophisticated software robots capable of processing information, executing transactions and mimicking the way people work. But they can do it faster, with fewer errors, and they’re always on – 24/7. You can collaborate, work in teams, and join forces to get workloads done. And like a human employee, digital employees can inform, expand, support and support people in the automated fulfillment of service-oriented tasks.

“It really enables computers to do what computers do best,” said Rob Schaafsma, director of software development at Adlib, a Blue Prism partner. “Really everyday tasks that get done over and over and that human workers usually find very boring. It will free the human workforce to do creative things that people are good at. “

A smart, connected, and easily controlled digital workforce will undoubtedly be a key factor in transforming the company – and solving several business challenges. The digital workforce will provide greater productivity, efficiency, opportunity and greater value.

“Connected-RPA is about bridging that gap in digital entrepreneurs and empowering large companies to find their own in-house entrepreneurs, bring them together, and leverage company-led technology to deliver ongoing innovation.” said Dave Moss, CTO and co-founder of Blue Prism. “Companies that find new capacities and value creation speeds and, with what we call the Connected Entrepreneur Enterprise, use their size as a strength to combat disruptions and innovations from competitors.”

The beauty of this automation feature provides a breakthrough way for companies to stay competitive and reduce time-to-market for new services and products by simply accessing and leveraging leading cloud, AI, and cognitive capabilities. Now imagine a smart digital workforce capable of self-learning and continual improvement. It enables users to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work to the company. This allows employees to create, build and share their innovations. That’s where we’re going.

Together with people, the digital workforce will fuel innovation and imagination – and help companies thrive in the digital age.

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March 31, 2021