CNN Fires Freelance Reporter Over Tweet

The Hill reports that CNN fired a freelancer, Adeel Raja, for a tweet stating:
“The world needs a Hitler today.” The now deleted tweet is from the current one
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Even so, the network was quick to react to distance itself from Raja who did this
has contributed to CNN since 2014.

“Adeel Raja has never been a CNN employee,” said a CNN spokesman. “As a
As a freelancer, his coverage contributed to some efforts to gather news from Islamabad.
However, given these heinous statements, he will no longer work with CNN
in any form. “

After Raja was fired from his freelance position at CNN, Raja went back on Twitter.
He said he was not sorry for the tweet as it brought recognition to the Palestinians
Root cause.

“I’m glad that a single tweet contributed to the # Palestine cause and put it in the spotlight
I lose [sic] My job and the West’s right to freedom of expression and humanity
Rights! “Said Raja.

This tweet is not the first time Raja has publicly admired Hitler. In 2014
He tweeted his support for Germany at a sports event because “Hitler was a German,
and he did well with these Jews! “

CNN didn’t respond to questions about whether Raja’s 2014 pro-Hitler tweet was known. Raja could not be reached for comment either.

May 21, 2021