Chinese AI and RPA leader DataGrand Launches the World’s First RPA Robot compatible with HarmonyOS System, Business News

SHANGHAI, June 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As the leading RPA software in China, DataGrand RPA made adjustments immediately to Huawei’s HarmonyOS. Recently, Huawei officially released its HarmonyOS 2 operating system and several new products that come with HarmonyOS 2.

Currently, the DataGrand RPA console has successfully implemented customization modules to improve its planning and monitoring functionality on Harmony OS. It is the industry’s first and only process automation software compatible with the HarmonyOS system.

DataGrand RPA is the only software automation product in the industry that was developed on the basis of Google Golang and supports all operating systems. Thanks to the advanced technology and architecture selection, datagrand RPA can be quickly adapted to the HarmonyOS system as a complete product.

DataGrand RPA is the only RPA product among the industries that supports all platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, domestic operating systems, etc. and other operating systems. It is also the industry’s first RPA system that is compatible with all domestic databases and supports automated control of all domestic and foreign office software, including various client-based ERP such as SAP, Oracle, Kingdee; Microsoft Office software and Kingsoft WPS; Browsers like Chrome, IE Edge, Firefox etc.

DataGrand Technology Vice President To Jin said: “Golang is a simple, fast and secure programming language that is suitable for creating reliable and efficient software. We have chosen the bottom-up approach for our entire product line. Although we worked harder and faced more challenges in the development process, I mean compared to building a .NET framework from scratch. In retrospect, it was worth it to master all core technologies from the fundamental layer, the DataGrand RPA software has the strongest cross-platform adaptability in the industry and can run on all operating systems. “In the future, as the HarmonyOS system becomes popular PCs , RPA compatibility becomes an even more important product functionality.

As the first Chinese RPA product to combine proprietary AI technology, DataGrand RPA has served nearly 100 financial institutions, governments and large industrial corporations in China. In 2020, DataGrand was recognized as IDC Innovator in the IDC Innovators,

China CCB Guangzhou branch is also listed DataGrand RPA as TOP 10 outstanding solution as recommended by its financial data intelligent experts.

DataGrand now provides services to several industry leaders including China UnionPay, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, ICBC, Bank of Communications, Post and Reserve Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Changsha Bank, Zhongyuan Bank, Zhengzhou Bank, Jiangyin Agricultural and Commercial Bank, Dafeng Agricultural and Commercial Bank, Donghai Securities, China Investment Corporation, Hengtong Group, Jordan Group, Vanke, Wanli Customs Brokerage, Yonggang and many other world leaders to support their digital upgrade.

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June 30, 2021