Checkpoint Theatre to launch new 8-part podcast chronicling a freelancer’s journey through COVID-19

Checkpoint Theater will be an autobiographical 8-part podcast entitled “Vulnerable’, written and performed by associate artist Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips.

Funny and engaging, Vulnerable guides audiences through Cheyenne’s experience as a young freelance creative surviving a pandemic while living with congenital heart disease.

For them, the word of the past year was “coping”. When the virus reached Singapore in 2020, she saw all of her gigs canceled one by one and her newly acquired tour guide license rendered useless. The troubling reality of her health also meant that close contact with others put her at risk.

in the Vulnerable, Cheyenne tells the turbulent year in 15-minute episodes with deeply personal revelations, wit and insight. Her story provides a moving and reflective understanding of how Singaporeans have changed and adapted amid the ongoing chaos.

“If ever there was a time to admit vulnerability, it was a global pandemic,” Cheyenne said.

“This work was created because, after a stressful year, I finally gave myself permission to write. Then came a deluge of material that Checkpoint was invaluable for the design. “

This powerful report also sheds light on the invisible struggles that the weak among Singaporeans have gone through, from logistical and financial pressures to emotional pressures.

Directed by Huzir Sulaiman, with sound design by Shah Tahir, Vulnerable holds up a mirror to society and urges Singaporeans to consider their collective efforts, or lack thereof, to ensure the safety of all.

Photo by Joel Lim @ Caliber Pictures. Courtesy of the Checkpoint Theater

Since the live theaters closed, the range of multidisciplinary works of the Checkpoint Theater has grown even wider, proving that art can be enjoyed anywhere.

After you’ve had audio experiences like ‘The heart comes to Understanding’ and ‘A grand Design’ In 2020, the company will once again demonstrate its versatility by using atmospheric soundscapes to weave an immersive narrative experience – this time in an episodic format.

“Experiencing art from home is like inviting someone into their private space to share their story with you,” said Huzir Sulaiman, Joint Artistic Director.

“With Vulnerable, it’s twice as personal – you go this journey with Cheyenne in almost real time. With the brilliant humor that is a trademark of Cheyenne, it does the crucial job of exposing invisible struggles that our surroundings are facing.

Vulnerable will be available on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube from June 17, 2021, with two 15-minute episodes released every two days.

“In conversation: Chronicle of the pandemic” – Live discussion in the Checkpoint Theater

Have you ever wondered how we make art to capture history as it unfolds? Do new developments make our stories irrelevant? How do we build resilience for ourselves and tell these stories with empathy?

Visit Checkpoint Theater live on Facebook on June 25th forIn conversation: Chronicle of the pandemic, a lively and insightful discussion with Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips and Huzir Sulaiman as they go through the journey of conceptualizing, creating, and designing a memoir as they go through it.

In the one-hour panel discussion, moderated by Nicole Wong, the audience can experience the creative ways in which they have reinvented the work again and again under constantly changing circumstances, as well as their discoveries in the course of creating art in uncertain times.

Photo by Joel Lim @ Caliber Pictures. Courtesy of the Checkpoint Theater

July 5, 2021